Alban Ramosaj: “I will participate in FiK again only if the communists leave the jury!

We had a sharp statement from Alban Ramosaj, second in the last FiK, although a big favorite for the victory and the representation of Albania in Turin. The young artist, answering to his fans, whether he would participate in FiK again, answered categorically no, saying that he would only do so if the communists on its jury left!

Alban noted that it would be easier to claim the representation of San Marino or Spain than to submit participation in FiK again. He even reminded his followers that even Gjon’s Tears, who was about to win Eurovision, refused his song in Albania and so he finally submitted his entry to Switzerland.

Let’s remember Alban’s participation in FiK 60:

Would he have better luck than Ronela in Turin?