Germany: The detailed televoting results of Unser Lied für Liverpool!

Just today, almost one and a half month after the German national final, Unser Lied für Liverpool, and NDR published the detailed results of the public vote. The big winners of the German televoting, with 39.78% of the votes, and the country’s representatives at Eurovision 2023 were Lord Of The Lost with Blood And Glitter.

The detailed results of the public vote were as follows:

  1. Lord Of The Lost – “Blood and Glitter” – 79,520 Calls, 68,677 SMS, 66,178 Online – 214,375 votes – 39.78%
  2. Ikke Hüftgold – “Lied mit gutem Text” (Song with good lyrics) – 46,460 Calls, 26,281 SMS, 75,821 Online – 148,562 votes – 27.56%
  3. Patty Gurdy – “Melodies of Hope” – 18,327 Calls, 9,464 SMS, 21,797 Online – 49,588 votes – 9.2%
  4. Lonely Spring – “Misfit” – 12,144 Calls, 8,489 SMS, 23,539 Online – 44,172 votes – 8.19%
  5. Will Church – “Hold On” – 19,758 Calls, 6,961 SMS, 3,457 Online – 30,176 votes – 5.59%
  6. TRONG – “Dare to Be Different” – 12,261 Calls, 7,360 SMS, 8,736 Online – 28,357 votes – 5.27%
  7. Anica Russo – “Once Upon a Dream” – 5,533 Calls, 4,041 SMS, 2,608 Online – 12,128 votes – 2.27%
  8. René Miller – “Concrete Heart” – 4,651 Calls, 2,025 SMS, 4,809 Online – 11,485 votes – 2.14%

Overall in Unser Lied für Liverpool 198,564 phone calls were recorded, 133,298 SMS and 206,945 online votes, with a total of 538,897 votes.

Watch the reaction of the Eurovisionfun team to this year’s German entry:

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Germany: With the Lord Of The Lost and “Blood & Glitter” in Eurovision 2023!

Germany just chose their representative for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest via Germany’s National Final Unser Lied für LiverpoolThe show was broadcasted from MMC Studios at Das Erste, ARD Mediathek and The host of the night was Barbara Schöneberger.

The guest at the National Final were the band “The BossHoss” and Ilse DeLange, who won the second place representing The Netherlands at Eurovision 2014 as the member of the band “The Common Linnets”. Tonight, The BossHoss and Ilse DeLange performed their new single “YOU”.

In today’s show, eight songs (after the withdrawal of Frida Gold for health reasons as the wrote in our previous article) claimed the golden ticket to represent Germany in Liverpool at May. Based on the running order these were:

1. TRONG – “Dare to be Different

The Vietnamese artist opened the show with an Asian-flavored performance, in mainly pink hues and full of energy and dance. A dance break has been added to the song, as well as lyrics in Vietnamese and German. That was a dynamic start to the show!

2. René Miller – “Concrete Heart

René performs his song sitting in a huge rock, in a dark setting (it reminds us Russia 2018). He has perhaps the best song in tonight’s final but unfortunately he had a weak vocal and static performance.

3. Anica Russo – “Once Upon a Dream

Next one was Ancia, who appears in a white dress in a fairytale field, surrounded by grass. She had a beautiful staging and her vocals were good.

4. Lonely Spring – “Misfit

The 4 members of the group, were standing on pedestals, surrounded by many mannequins dressed in black writing the name of the song and the band. A very dark look that probably appeals to a limited audience.

5. Will Church – “Hold On

The winner of the international jury, Will, starts his performance in front of a mirror and then he wanders through a dark big city setting until he reaches his “home”. He was vocally quite good but his singing and stage presence weren’t interesting at all.

6. Patty Gurdy – “Melodies of Hope

It’s time for the fan favorite (and mine as well), Patty Gurdy, with her traditional hurdy-gurdy instrument , who wears a white dress with a branch structure above it. Unfortunately, she was vocally unstable and the stage presence was quite poor.

7. Ikke Hüftgold – “Lied mit gutem Text

The next one was the TikTok wildcard winner, Ikke starts singing his song with “good lyrics” in front of a huge book, wearing a gold shirt and a black half-eaten wig. He also added English lyrics to the song. Basically, this was a bad troll entry and it was aiming exclusively at the German audience. Noise pollution with a catchy beat.

8. Lord Of The Lost – “Blood and Glitter

The final competitor act for tonight’s show were Lord Of The Lost, who were dressed in red latex suits. They gave an explosive performance, full of energy, fire and also glitter. By far the best performance of tonight’s show.

P.S. My review was purely about my personal preferences and music taste

The voting process

During Unser Lied für Liverpool the audience could vote via SMS or phone. The online voting of the previous days was combined with the televoting results. The public vote counts for 50% of the total result.

The remaining 50% was the vote of the international jury where it was consisted of eight European countries and the jurors where people of the music and the entertainment industry. The international judges were from Switzerland, The Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Lithuania, Ukraine, Austria and United Kingdom. During the show, they awarded each act with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points.

The voting of the International Jury

After the voting by the international jurors, the result was as follows in the picture:



The final results

After the points from the public vote were added to the voting of the international jury, the following result was obtained:

The winners of the night were Lord Of The Lost with their song Blood & Glitter and they will represent Germany in Eurovision 2023, who will compete directly in the Grand Final of the Song Contest!

Do you think Germany made the right choice? Will they manage to avoid the bottom of the scoreboard this time? Write us down bellow in the comments!

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Germany: Frida Gold withdrew from Unser Lied für Liverpool!

Eight songs will compete tonight to represent Germany in the national final Unser Lied für Liverpool, after Frida Gold withdrew due to the illness of their lead singer Alina Süggeler.

Frida Gold, with the song ‘Alle Frauen in mir sind müde‘ (‘All women in me are tired’), did not take part in the second rehearsal yesterday, nor in the rehearsal scored by the jury, who judged them based on the video of the first rehearsal. The singer’s health does not seem to have improved, making it impossible for her to participate in today’s show.

Frida Gold stated the following:

“Already on the second day of the rehearsals it was obvious to all involved that Alina Süggeler was very ill and suffering from fever. She was only able to do two run-throughs, during which she could only partially sing. She then immediately left for home in the hope that rest and medication could stabilize her for the next day.

Unfortunately, the opposite happened; in addition to fever, chills and a sharp sore throat, she had completely lost her voice. The doctor pointed out that she needed to rest in bed for a week.

The available medication did not lead to any improvement to enable her to meet the requirements of the competition. For Alina and everyone involved, after weeks of work and preparation, this is a shock and a huge disappointment.

It was Frida Gold’s idea and desire to present the message of the song “Alle Frauen In Mir Sind Müde” in front of a large audience, as it is an important topic.

The possibility of possibly singing it in Liverpool as the German entry was also a big motivation.

Frida Gold would like to thank all the organisers and of course their fans.”

In terms of the scoring for tonight’s show, this means that the eight international juries will now only award 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points each.

Listen to Frida Gold‘s “Alle Frauen in mir sind müde“, which unfortunately will not appear in tonight’s national final:

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Source: ESCKompakt