Eurovision 2023:New betting odds for eliminated countries are now available!

The Eurovision 2023 betting landscape is changing radically as betting companies are now offering the fans the possibility to bet on the countries that are more likely to be eliminated in the semi-final,one of the most notable ones being Cool Bet.For the first time since the introduction of the semi-finals in 2004,Eurovision fans from all over the world are given the chance to bet on which countries could probably get lost in the semi-finals.Let us examine which countries are ranking among the more likely eliminated ones in the newly introduced odds according to the fans.

First Semi-Final

In the first semi-final, where only 15 countries competing and is considered to be the most challenging one, four of the big favorites could be eliminated. Ireland with 74%, Azerbaijan with 62%, Latvia with 70% and Malta with 68% are most probably waving goodbye on the evening of Tuesday 9 May, barring unforseen circumstances.. For the last country to be excluded, however, things remain open since there are for countries whose qualification possibilities seem quite satisfactory: Portugal with 42%, the Netherlands with 34% and Croatia along with Switzerland with 32% all battling for non-qualification.

Second Semi-Final

In the second semi-final,which is considered to be the easiest one,two countries are the front-runners of non-qualification,followed by six others whose non-qualification rates are greater than 35%. San Marino and Romania are seen as the only countries which will be more likely eliminated and whose percentage of a possible elimination exceeds the 75%.Things become more complicated as we progress,as Iceland, Poland and Albania have a 50% chance of elimination, with Belgium and Denmark at 54% and Greece at 36%.Therefore, the second semi-final qualifiers remain open to consideration as only 5 countries have a non-qualification possibility rate of 25%.

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