Serbia: Hurricane split one year after Eurovision!

The producers of  Hurricane announced that the members of the group will not make music together. They claim that there was no disagreement during the collapse of the group and that the members made such a decision because they were tired due to the heavy load of the industry. Although Hurricane fell apart, they stated that the band’s name would be would be preserved and that the band would re-enter the music world with different members.

The statement for the split of the group came from their production company:

After a five-year successful collaboration, which peaked this year, we are obliged to inform the public and the media about the novelties in our production team and further activities! Hurricane Group Members – Sanja Vucic, Ivana Nikolic, and Ksenija Knežević’s contracts expire in September this year, so we have jointly decided not to renew the contract, as it did not fit our team’s new business plans.


Thanks to the fans, the audience, and the great interest, a farewell tour is being prepared that will continue until November, in which the media and the public will be informed over time. It was an immense honor to work with Sanja, Ivan, and Ksenija who have proven to be stars and professionals over the past five years thanks to their hard work, dedication, and talent!


As a production company, we would like to state that Hurricane has never let us down. For this reason, we reiterate once again that the decision to terminate the cooperation was taken by mutual agreement. In other words, our friendly relations, which are very rare in this profession, remain intact and there is no room for doubt in this regard. In these five years of wonderfully successful collaboration, Sanja, Ksenija and Ivana have had to neglect their families and private lives, even during their vacations — just as other musicians work as the industry brings — so we all need a break and rest. Of course, each of them will take greater steps to achieve careers that will fit their plans and expectations, we wish them greater success than the successes achieved during our collaboration.


As a result of all this, we have decided that Hurricane will go on tour with a few new songs that will polish and complement their efforts and success in this formation. On the other hand, we would like to state that half of our quota is already full and we will do our best to meet the expectations of everyone who wants to participate in this farewell tour.


After all, we should sometimes end certain collaboration when everything planned is realized, and as we have realized it, we have agreed that it is a smart and wise decision for everyone to put an end to working together for now. In the next few months, we will enjoy and have fun through songs and music, which has been our channel of communication with our supporters for the past five years. In addition, we would like to inform you that the members of the group Sanja, Ivana, and Ksenija will not be guesting or giving interviews on any media channels until September, except for the promotion of new songs. Also, please note that a new lineup of Hurricane group members is being formed.

Hurricane participated in the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Loco Loco  , finishing 15th with 102 points.

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Source: eurovoix