OGAE Poll 2024: The results from Hungary!

Every year since 2007, OGAE International conducts the OGAE Poll, which includes the votes of its members from 42 different countries. After five countries submitted their votes, it is now Hungary’s turn to cast its votes.

In detail, the 35 members of OGAE Hungary voted as following:

  • 12 points to Croatia
  • 10 points to Austria
  • 8 points to Lithuania
  • 7 points to Switzerland
  • 6 points to Italy
  • 5 points to the Netherlands
  • 4 points to Belgium
  • 3 points to Norway
  • 2 points to France
  • 1 point to Sweden

The results following the votes of six countries are the following:

Croatia is leading the scoreboard again, with 52 points while Belgium falls in second place and Italy is third.

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Hungary: This would have been the Hungarian entry in Liverpool! | It won the A Dal 2023!

Last Saturday took place the final of the A Dal show, the music competition through which Hungary used to pick up their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, until they withdrew from the contest in 2020.

The winners of the A Dal 2023 were the band TITAN, descended from the Transylvania region, with the song Éjféli járat.

The reasons behind the absence of Hungary from Eurovision are the high cost of participation, the anti-LGBT sentiment of the Hungarian government and the mentality of the public towards these aspects.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, another one is the big success of the A Dal show, which still goes on despite the absence of the country. Actually the A Dal rating were even higher than those of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Had this been the Hungarian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, what would have been its fate in this year’s contest? Let us know your opinion the comments below.

Hungary: MTVA will not broadcast Eurovision 2022!

The Hungarian public broadcaster MTVA will not broadcast this year’s Contest. Hungary has not participated in Eurovision since 2019 and did not choose to broadcast 2021 contest either. When the country did not participate in 2010 due to financial difficulties, both semi-finals and the Grand Final were broadcast on Duna TV.

Hungary withdrew from the Contest before 2020 competition. In November 2019, EBU revealed a list of participating countries on which Hungary was not in. MTVA has not made a statement as to why it chose to withdraw from the competition.

Hungary’s last participation was in 2019 with Joci Pápai and the song “Az én apám” however it did not manage to qualify to the big Final, getting 12th place with  97 points.

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Hungary: AWS lead singer, Örs Siklósi has passed away!!

An unpleasant development became known through the official Eurovision site. It has to do with the lead singer of the group AWS, Örs Siklósi, who represented Hungary at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon. Örs Siklósi unfortunately passed away today at age 29 losing the battle against leukaemia which he had been diagnosed with, since last June.

In their statement, the group members stated:

“To say the indescribable, to describe the indescribable. That is what we now have to do. In June, Örs was diagnosed with leukaemia. We now have to inform you with a broken heart that on 5 February our partner, friend and brother Örs Siklósi has passed away at the age of 29 after a long struggle.


Together with AWS, they had won the Hungarian national selection A Dal  and represented their nation in Lisbon in 2018, where the qualified in 10th place (with 111 points) from the 2nd Semi-Final, and in the Grand Final they ended up in 21st place with 93 points.

On behalf of the EurovisionFun site, we send our deepest condolences to his beloved ones, friends and family.


Hungary: The former head of delegation explains the reasons of absence from ESC 2021

Lőrinc Bubnó, the former head of delegation of Hungary gave an interview to Jan Bors, the former head of delegation of Czech Republic at the contest. In the third episode of “Humans of Eurovision” Lőrinc Bubnó explained the reasons why his country chose to be absent once again.

We must clarify that Lőrinc Bubnó expresses his own opinion and that he has not come in contact with the public broadcaster MTVA. So, according to his own point of view, there are two reasons that led to the withdrawal.

One being money, participating in Eurovision costs a lot of money, we are not a very rich country, if we have to cut something and it’s not good for the country’s image, then it was pretty sure they would cut this.

On the other hand, Hungarians still need some time to be prepared for “Western Europe” and the LGBTQ+ community and how to accept people.

An additional reason for the withdrawal of Hungary is the great success of A Dal, the show through which the nation used to select its Eurovision representative. The aforementioned success continues despite the non-participation at the song contest.

You can watch the entire interview below.


Hungary: No Comment on Eurovision Withdrawal by the government

As we told you in our previous article, Hungary will not participate in Eurovision 2020. The A Dal regulations, used since 2012 as Hungary’s national final for Eurovision, did not mention the Eurovision contest, and part of the the regulations were in breach of EBU regulations, which meant that the A Dal 2020 would have nothing to do with the country’s participation in Eurovision. Finally, it was not on the official list of the EBU, with the countries to take part in Rotterdam.

This news has displeased many fans with the demand to learn from MTV, the reasons for its withdrawal from the Music Competition, but Hungary has yet to give an answer.

According to a Hungarian newspaper, Magyar Hang, LMP Green Party MP Péter Ungár has asked the government the reasons of Hungary’s non-participation in this year’s Eurovision.

Foreign Minister Bence Rétvári declined to answer the question, stating:

“No member of the government has the power to review or control the decisions of the public broadcaster – and therefore the production decision referred to in the question”

Magyar Hang notes that the public broadcaster is working hard to achieve Hungarian participation in Eurovision every year. It even assumes that Hungary’s exclusion at Eurovision 2019 is based on that decision.

This is the fourth time Hungary has withdrawn from the Eurovision contest. The first time was in 1999, for six years. It returned in 2005, abstained in 2006 in Athens and returned the following year. Its last absence was in 2010, when for financial reasons the country preferred to stay away.

The best place in the history of the competition is the 4th, when in 1994, it was represented by Friderika Bayer and the song “Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet?”.

Source: wiwibloggs

Hungary: No intention to participate in Eurovision 2020

Based on what the Hungarian websites report, as well as the country’s public broadcaster (MTV) announcement for “A Dal”, which has been used as the national final for Eurovision since 2012, unfortunately we won’t see it competing in Rotterdam.

This is the fourth time Hungary has withdrawn from the Eurovision contest. The first time was in 1999, for six consecutive years. It returned in 2005, abstained in 2006 in Athens and returned the following year. It last absence was in 2010, when for financial reasons the country preferred to stay away.

As we have reported in our previous article, the A Dal regulations did not mention the Eurovision contest, and some of the regulations were in breach of the EBU regulations, which meant that the A Dal 2020 would have nothing to do with the competition.

This was made official shortly after MTVA made the following announcement, essentially announcing the country’s withdrawal from Eurovision 2020:

The show’s creators preferred instead to organize the national selection for Eurovision, to direct the talent of light Hungarian music to the values they created the festival for. The winner of A Dal will be promoted by MTVA, with many appearances but also participating in the most celebrated domestic festivals. In addition, Petofi Radio will promote the winner, but will also produce its own works.

In Tel Aviv, Hungary was represented for the second time by Joci Papai, but he failed to qualify for the final.

Hungary: A Dal returns for 2020, but no connection to Eurovision | Is the withdraw from the contest hidden behind?

A few hours ago, Hungarian public broadcaster announced the details of the launch of “A Dal 2020”,the music competition, which is the country’s national final for Eurovision since 2012. However, the “A Dal 2020”  regulations do not mention anything about Eurovision 2020, and its terms are such that it seems to have nothing to do with the country’s participation in the Eurovision contest. Is this a sign that Hungary is withdrawing from the next event? Or will Hungary simply choose a direct assignment, as it did last time in 2011?

A Dal is one of the most successful programs on Hungarian public television. It is noteworthy that the final of the A Dal 2019 had higher ratings, both from the semifinal in which Joci Papai appeared and from the Eurovision final.

So Hungarian public broadcaster will host A Dal this year as well, but this will not be the country’s national final for Eurovision, as happened eight years ago.

The regulations published today do not mention a word about the Eurovision Contest, and entries that have been circulated from March 1st,2019 are allowed, which is in stark contrast to the EBU regulations, which impose the songs to have been released only after September 1st!

The winner of “A Dal 2020” will receive a cash prize, the right to participate in two very big music events in the country, as well as an advertising time to promote his\her song on Hungarian public radio.

Is Hungary’s first and only exclusion in Tel Aviv the reason that the national broadcaster  wants to withdraw from the next Eurovision? Is A Dal’s decoupling from joining Eurovision a potential upgrade they want to make at their home festival? Or does Hungary’s public television really want to follow the Euro-skeptic policy of its Prime Minister, Victor Orban, and not to take part in Rotterdam?

Whatever the answer, we will find it out soon. Until then, remember once again this year’s Hungarian entry with Joci Papai, who failed to qualify for the final:

Source: Escbubble