Czech Republic: The Live-on-Tape video of We Are Domi will not be published!

After the Netherlands, the public broadcaster of Czech Republic, gave out the news of them not giving permission to EBU to publish the live-on-tape video of their representatives for Eurovision 2022.

The news were confirmed by the head of press of the Czech delegation through a tweet. Czech Republic was represented by We Are Domi and the song “Lights Off”. The group finished  fourth in the second semi-final, but ended up 22nd in the Grand Final with 38 points.

From June 14 to June 23, the live-on-tape videos for Eurovision 2022 will be published in the official YouTube channel of Eurovision. Those performances were recorded prior to the contest and they would have been used in case the delegation was unable to travel to Turin due to COVID-19 restrictions or if a member of the delegation was diagnosed with COVID while in Turin and couldn’t perform in the live shows.

You can watch the first six live-on-tape videos in our articles:

About 30 live-on-tapes will be published, knowing that Ukraine was excluded from the need of recording one due to the war, but also the Nethebrlands and the Czech Republic decided not to broadcast their videos, seven more countries have not given their permission to publish the videos in question.

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Czech Republic: We Are Domi Perform Acoustic Version of “Lights Off”

Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2022 artists, We Are Domi, have performed an acoustic version of their competing song, “Lights Off”.

They will perform in 18th position in semi-final two on May 12th.

Their visual performance will be in charge of Matyáš Vorda, while Vítek Bělohradský will be the Stage Director. Both of them have previously worked with a variety of Czech artists including their representatives at Eurovision, Benny Cristo and Lake Malawi, in addition to that they also worked with We Are Domi during the Czech national selection.

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Czech Republic: Listen to the final version of “Lights Off” by We Are Domi!

We Are Domi, the representatives of the Czech Republic, released the final version of “Lights Off” for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin

The final version was heard for the first time in the Romanian final where We Are Domi were invited on March 5. 

Today the song was released on all digital music platforms.

Listen below to the final version of “Lights Off”:

The music video for the Czech entry will be released later this week on March 18, the location of filming the video took place in Prague.

Czech Republic has been drawn to compete in the second half of the second semifinal  (positions 10-18).

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