North Macedonia: MRT considering changes and improvements for upcoming contests!

On June 8, the MRT Planning Board heard Head of Delegation (HoD) Meri Popova’s proposal to improve the country’s image in the competition, results and preparations for the future. The report given by Popova was detailed, addressing a range of issues together with reasoned solutions.

In her report, Popova underlined that preparations for the Eurovision must start from the MRT no later than September, which includes the process of a selection method and the finalization of its structure. According to Popova, this will give enough time to organize for the competition, select an artist using an established process and most importantly, give artists enough time to prepare their entry.

She also called for an expansion of the delegation, which he claimed was “always a headache”. Popova believes the delegation is too small and constantly changing, making it difficult to achieve consistency and the necessary cohesion and cooperation. She went on to state that their small numbers make members work on many projects and programs at the same time.

Two recommendations were related to economic factors surrounding the contest, which would immediately elevate their proposals for Eurovision. The first was to increase the broadcaster’s budget for Eurovision, which “has been a significant obstacle to the country’s nominations” for years. Popova continued that the budget should be firmed up and shared by September so the delegation can plan accordingly in May.

She also suggested a way to cover Eurovision costs by suggesting that the MRT start selling advertising time during the show. She also called for a unified marketing strategy (both country and participation/artist) that would compete with the promotional efforts of other agencies.

Finally, she called for the establishment of a public relations committee to curb the scandal that has plagued the country for the past two years and boost public enthusiasm around the contest. He argued that the backlash surrounding the Bulgarian flag in Vasil’s music video and Andrea’s downplaying of the significance this year had damaged the public’s image of Eurovision.

The Council’s next steps

After reviewing the report, the council tasked the MRT management to provide its own report on the manner of the recommendations, documents showing revenue generated from Eurovision advertising over the past 4 years, and also asked the MRT general manager . a final decision on disciplinary actions for the 2022 delegation. At the end of the discussion, the report was approved by the homofon council.

In 2022 North Macedonia was represented by Andrea and “Circles”!


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