Estonia: These are the Wildcard Finalists of Eesti Laul!

After the Second Semi-Final of Eesti Laul 2023, the Estonian public broadcaster ERR announced that two additional artists will advance to the Grand Final of Eesti Laul 2023 as Wildcards.

From Saturday evening until this afternoon, the Estonian audience was able to vote among the ten songs that did not make it to the Final, giving two artists one last chance.

The ten nominees were:

  1. Ellip – Pretty Girl
  2. Kaw – Valik
  3. Merlyn – Unicorn Vibes
  4. Mia – Üks samm korraga
  5. Neon Letters and Maiko – Tokimeki
  6. Linalakk and Bonzo – Aeg
  7. Elysa – Bad Philosophy
  8. Robin Juhkental – Kurbuse matused
  9. Wiiralt  Salalik
  10. Carlos Ukareda – Whiskey Won’t Forget

Through ERR’s Ringvaade broadcast, it was announced that the two artists who won this voting rounds and will also advance to the Final of Eesti Laul 2023 are:

  1. Mia – Üks samm korraga
  2. Elysa – Bad Philosophy

Therefore the Final lineup of Eesti Laul 2023 is as follows:

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Source: ERR

Serbia: The results of the first semi-final of “Pesma za Evroviziju 2022”!

Serbia has started the search for its representative and participation for Eurovision 2022. “Pesma za Evroviziju 2022”, as the Serbian national final is now called, consists of two semi-finals. A few minutes ago the first semi-final was completed, with 9 contestants qualifying for the next stage, the grand final, on Saturday 5 March.

The hosts of the show were Dragana Kosjerina and Jovan Radomir, being supported by Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popović in the Green Room.

The eighteen songs competing tonight for a place in Saturday’s final were:

The results:

The result was determined 50% by the jury and 50% by the televoting community. However, the jury of both semi-finals, according to RTS, will remain anonymous.

The nine acts who qualified, according to the order announced, and their place in the Grand Final’s running order are:

  1. Biber (performing 13th on the Grand Final)
  2. Zorja (performing 8th on the Grand Final)
  3. Lift (performing 6th on the Grand Final)
  4. Aca Lukas (performing 9th on the Grand Final)
  5. Konstrakta (performing 18th on the Grand Final)
  6. Ivona (performing 16th on the Grand Final)
  7. Angellina (performing 14th on the Grand Final)
  8. Marija Mikić (performing 17th on the Grand Final)
  9. Ana Stanić (performing 12th on the Grand Final)

The second semi-final will be transmitted by RTS tomorrow, Friday 4th March, at 21:00 CET.

Pictures source: RTS

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