Noa Kirel: “Tattoo is an excellent song but it’ll be difficult for Loreen to achieve a second victory”!

Noa Kirel, Israel’s representative in Eurovision 2023, gave an interview to the country’s largest magazine, Israel Hayom. Noa reveals what she has set the bar for in the contest, reffers to her competitors and of course Loreen, but also gives us more information about her stage appearance.

My first answer about Eurovision was negative

Israel’s public television apparently had a hard time convincing Noa Kirel to say yes to representing the country in this year’s competition.

The proposal was made very early on, but she was initially negative, since she had never taken part in any competition until now. The ones who convinced her to finally accept this challenge were her father, but also her manager, who were very positive. Before giving her final positive answer, Noa Kirel spoke with her psychologist, who advised her about the impact her participation in Eurovision will have on her life in the coming months.

Unicorn was about to get leaked

Not that it would be strange, since so many of this year’s entries were leaked online before their official release, but as Noa and the Unicorn recounts, it was literally saved at the last minute.

One of the employees of the recording studio, in which she recorded Unicorn, had intercepted the song from the studio. But they discovered him and forced him to delete it from his mobile phone.

The Unicorn’s Choice

Among four songs, Unicorn was chosen by her and her team. Israeli public television gave her complete freedom in choosing the song.

Worked with two teams of creators. One was Jordi, Ron Biton and Itai Shimoni, while the second was Doron Medlie, Mai Sphadia and Yinon Yahel, with whom she finally ended up.

Noa Kirel has revealed that she will not be singing Unicorn live anywhere in public, until her rehearsals in Liverpool.

With changes in Eurovision

What is particularly important is that the version of the song with which she will compete in Liverpool will be slightly different from the one in the official video clip.

She mentions that the song now has a duration of 02:51, while in its final form in the competition it will be 02:55, since there will be some changes in the instrumentation. No extra chorus will be added, but there will be a short break in the middle of the song.

The rest of Noa’s team

Although she has received many proposals from foreign clothing designers, she will trust Israeli creators. In fact, she mentions that she will avoid very shiny clothes, since she doesn’t like them.

She will have five male and female dancers with her, while her director will be Avichai Hacham, a well-known Israeli choreographer and director. You can see a sample of his work below:

The laugh in the last part of the song was something that arose spontaneously in the recording, but she and her collaborators decided to keep it.

I’ll be satisfied with one place in the Top 5

Noa follows the bets, as she wants to know what is happening, while she will feel satisfied if she gets a place in the top 5 of the final standings.

Her “jaw dropped” when she saw Loreen’s performance in the Melodifestivalen final, but she believes it will be very difficult for her to achieve a second victory in the competition.

Her favorite song from this year’s competition is the UK entry, while Finland’s Cha Cha has also caught her eye!

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Source: escforum