Italy: Lady Gaga at Sanremo 2020?

A bomb news has been circulating in Italy for the last few hours. According to local media, the new artistic director and presenter of the Sanremo Festival, Amadeus, has approached Lady Gaga to appear as a guest at the Teatro Ariston during Sanremo 2020.

Shallow Moments at Teatro Ariston

One of the prerequisites Amadeus set for RAI to assume the role of presenter and artistic director of the Sanremo Festival was the return of international stars as guests, something Baglioni’s predecessor abolished, as he preferred only domestic guests.

After Madonna, Amadeus concludes that Lady Gaga would be the best choice, as she is at the top of her career this year.

The revelation was made by Spy magazine. The article mentions the new artistic director’s attempt to bring one of the most successful international singers and actors to the city of Liguria on the occasion of the 70th edition of the Sanremo Festival. Although he is aware that Lady Gaga is not an easily accessible name for RAI budget, it seems that Amadeus is determined at all costs to do this.

The negotiations are currently completing one of the dreams Amadeus expressed when he agreed to take over the San Remo Festival: to bring Lady Gaga to Ariston stage . The cost of the business is prohibitive for RAI funds, but the team is trying to find creative solutions …

(SPY, for Lady Gaga at the Sanremo 2020 Festival)

The first names for the Campioni category

Another important piece of information mentioned in the SPY article is the first names of artists that Amadeus would like to compete in at Sanremo 2020. Some of them are Al Bano, Elettra Lamborghini and Alberto Urso.

We remind you that the nominees for the category of renowned artists at the Sanremo Festival 2020 will be revealed on January 6th. The Sanremo 2020 will take place from February 4 to February 8, 2020. Although RAI has confirmed its participation in Eurovision 2020, it has not yet revealed whether its representative will make it through the historic Liguria festival, though it seems most likely.

source: SPY,

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