Italy: Artists rumored for Sanremo 2020

In less than two months, the 70th Sanremo Festival will take place, and the winner will be honored to represent Italy at Eurovision 2020. All this time, the media continues to speculate on what artists we will see on stage, in Teatro Ariston, to compete for the “golden lion”.

With a slight delay over previous years, we will find out on January 6 – during the Special Lottery – the names of the 20 participants of the 70th anniversary edition of the festival. Some argue that, given the amount of proposals, their number could increase.

The two biggest music sites in the country (All Music Italia and floral music), which usually fall in the midst of most forecasts, have been rumored for days. So let’s look at the names they mention.

The Eurostars who return

Several former Italian names in the song contest appear to be trying to get back on the Eurovision stage through Sanremo 2020.

The name that definitely stands out is that of Francesco Gabbani who represented Italy at Eurovision 2017 with “Occidentali’s Kara”. For Francesco we informed you again in our previous article. Following the moderate acceptance of his summer single “Altro cosa”, Sanremo is the best way to promote his new job.

Raphael Gualazzi and Nina Zilli also want to join. The first one entered Eurovision in 2011 with second place with “Madness of Love”, the last with “L’amor e femmina” next year, reaching ninth place. The question is whether their record labels – Sugar and Universal – give priority to them and not to some of their other colleagues.

Perhaps the most famous couple on the Italian music scene, Al Bano & Romina, who represented Italy twice at Eurovision (1976 and 1985), both winning seventh place, return to Ariston 30 years later.

Two other eurostars likely to compete at Sanremo 2020, though only as composers, are Mahmood, this year’s Eurovision essential triumph, with a track written for Chiara Galiazzo and Fabrizio Moro, who won fifth place in 2018 together with Ermal Meta, and will sign Noemi’s participation.

The other names

Among the names we might see at Sanremo 2020 is Matteo Bocelli, his son Andrea, who could begin his solo career, where it all began for his father.

Irama, considered a favorite in 2019 and possibly disappointed by the seventh place he eventually received, and Elodie, are likely to try in 2020 as well.

A band beloved by fans of the competition in 2018, The Kolors will strive for something better than the eighth place they took then.

The names of Federica Carta and Riccardo “Riki” Marcuzzo are also mentioned, though they will be chosen only if they have a very strong song.

Giusy Ferreri will be present as either a performer or a songwriter, and is already looking for a song that will stand out at the Sanremo festival, as she has not been able to stand out in all her previous entries.

Last but not least, Anastasio, the last winner of the X Factor, is among the candidates. The rapper is called to release his debut album. A participation in the Sanremo Festival will be the appropriate advertisement for both his record label and March tour, which he has already announced.

The 70th Sanremo Song Festival will take place at Teatro Ariston in the small town of Liguria, San Remo, from February 4 to February 8, 2020.

Image/Source: eurofestivalnews

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