Moldova: Katy Rain speaks exclusively at Eurovision Fun!

She is young, she is talented and she is one of the favorites to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2022. Katy Rain with Lele, hopes to be the winner of “Selectia Nationala(Moldova)!” and then travel to Turin. Katy Rain speaks for the first time after the announcement of the candidates for the Moldavian national final at Eurovision Fun and we are really very happy to host her!

-Katy, welcome to Eurovision Fun and thank you very much for this interview! First we would like you to tell us some things about you, so that our readers can get to know you better.

Hello EurovisionFun, Hello Greece. I m Katy Rain, a singer and a songwriter from Moldova and I m so happy and listen to my song Lele and you support me. Thank you so much for that. I wish you good luck and all the best.

-How did you decide to participate in Selectia Nationala (Moldova)?

– I created the song LELE from the bottom of my soul, and I didn’t think I’d take part in this contest with it. But unexpected to me was the fact that the listeners were the ones that wanted me to do it. I appreciate the support they offer me and I really hope, I won’t disappoint them. And these aren’t just pretty words: the way the song was received and loved is very important for me and my team. I can feel their want to hear it and see the show live.

-What is the message you want to convey with Lele?

I created LELE as a manifest for the women that ascent to a new level of power. The woman that, no matter the hardships, she keeps her head up and keeps walking forward. It’s a song with a motivational message.

-What should we expect from you on the stage?

Each artist tries to keep their shows a secret, so I’ll apologize in advance but also we won’t open the books. With all modesty, the song is a powerful one and it’s important that the stage show isn’t exaggerated. For this reason, we’re discussing and deciding every detail.

As we know you had sent your song to participate in romanian national final and it was rejected. Who do you feel about that?

About participating for Romania, an unexpected but an incredible thing happened. LELE didn’t pass the song selection round, I don’t know the reason, but for sure it didn’t make me, doubt my song. As proof of this fact, was the listeners reactions, who pushed me to try again in my native country. I thought that that’s Gods want and I decided to try it. The Romanian people who tried harder for this song than I did, made me feel so much love, and confirmed once again that everything is for and about the people. And that has a bigger meaning than any competition. So, no matter how events will develop, I dedicate this participation to the people that believe in my song. My team and I will try our hardest!

LELE, 15.01.2022, Chisinau, @lidiadonici @gloriaflamencoo @garbuz.anastasia @meli_pri12ncess By Katy Rain, Facebook Page

-Which is your favorite Romanian or Moldavian entry?

From the artists that represented my native country…I can’t pick a single one, as I’ve morally supported each and every one that took part in the contest.

-Which is your favorite Eurovision entry?

From Eurovision 2021, my favorite songs were Switzerland and Italy. When it comes to previous years, the songs of Jamala (Ukraine) and Loreen (Sweden) remained in my heart.

-Have you ever visited Greece?

I went to Greece 2 times in my life, and I have the most beautiful memories from there. My biggest love is the sea (I even have a song called Marea-Magnet (the magnet sea) and you have the most incredible and beautiful one, and I can’t wait to come back and meet many new people there!

-Katy thank you very much! Good luck to you and Lele.

Thank you a lot and I wish you only the best!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all news regarding the Moldavian participation in Eurovision 2022!

Interview was taken by Apostolos Bogiannos

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