Sweden: Detailed results of Melodifestivalen 2022 released!

The SVT (Swedish public television) released the detailed results of Melodifestivalen 2022. As you will see below, the age categories did not affect the results, which were in line with the absolute number of votes except for the semi-final of the second chance, where two songs would not have qualified for the final if this system was not implemented.

There are two things worth mentioning. The first one is that Anders Bagge had about half a million more votes than the winner Cornelia Jakobs. The second is that Anna Bergendahl and Cazzi Opeia, despite collecting fewer votes in the semifinal of the second chance than Alvaro Estrella and Lisa Miskovsky respectively, got the ticket for the final as based on the age categories they got higher amount of points. Anna Bergendahl even had almost 200,000 votes less than Alvaro Estrella and despite of that was the one who had more points in the age categories.

Despite her second place in the public voting, Cornelia Jakobs will represent Sweden at Eurovision 2022, with the song Hold Me Closer. Sweden participates in the second semifinal and will appear in the second half.


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