Entries by Christos Roupakias

Serbia: On January 9 the announcement of the candidates for the national final!

Preparations have already begun for the selection of songs regarding the selection of Serbia’s representative for Eurovision Song Contest 2023. RTS announced that the official list of artists and song titles will be released on January 9. A total of 200 songs were submitted to represent Serbia in Liverpool. There has been some speculation as […]

Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou is in Stockholm for the recording of his Eurovision entry!

Andrew Lambrou arrived in snowy Stockholm in order to record the song with which he will compete in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. The representative of Cyprus in Eurovision 2023 and RIK, the Cypriot public broadcaster, have really entered into rhythm for Eurovision, since unlike this year when the decisions were made at a fairly […]

Azerbaijan: Denies withdrawal rumors | Will take part in Eurovision 2023 as usual!

The public television of Azerbaijan denied the rumors that got spread out during the last hours regarding the withdrawal from the competition. A representative of the channel explained that everything is fine with the issue of Azerbaijan’s participation in Eurovision 2023, which there are no updates about at the moment. The reason for the rumor […]

Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra sell the Eurovision trophy for $900,000!

Kalush Orchestra announced through their Facebook profile that they sell their Eurovision trophy through auction for $900,000. The buyer of the trophy is the company WhiteBit, from which came the eventual winning bid. The owners of the company are Vladimir Nosov and Oleg Kayin, from Estonia and Ukraine respectively. The company is specialised in the […]

Greece: Amanda is the Greek with the most monthly listeners on Spotify!

A few days after the Eurovision Song Contest, Amanda, the Greek representative, reached 1,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, the Greek with the most monthly listeners on Spotify at the moment! Die Together also reaches the one milestone after another on Spotify, as it reached 4,000,000 streams, applying for one of the most popular Greek entries […]

Eurovision 2022: The Family Show Of The 2nd Semi-final! (Updated)

Another big day with the 2nd Semifinal taking place at the PalaOlimpico. The family show of the 2nd semi-final will begin soon! It is addressed, as the title says, to families. Αll entries will once again perform their song, with the show being used more as a warm-up, a final rehearsal for minor corrections before the TV show, […]