Eurovision 2024: Finland’s First Rehearsal!

The second day of first rehearsals is underway, with Finland and Windows95man and the song “No Rules!” to take the stage for their first rehearsal.

Who is Windows95man?
A sweet and pleasant person, he’s a bit of a shy nerd during the day, but when he dons his outfit – the famous T-shirt and jeans hotpants combo that doesn’t work – he transforms into superhuman!

His DJ sets, consisting of Eurodance and 90s techno hits, have been combined with such intense live performances that audiences are regularly left breathless.

For the participation “No Rules!” combined Windows95man’s style, Henri Piispanen’s incredible vocals and a legendary gin egg, which led the duo to an unexpected but undeniable victory at UMK 2024 in Finland.

The rehearsal:

It’s time for Finnish Windows95man to rehearse No Rules! It’s still early in the rehearsal schedule, but we’ve had our coffee and are ready to start again.

Fans of their winning performance at UMK will be pleased to hear that the Denim Egg Show has arrived in Malmö, along with the ‘just-within-the-rules’ nudity (a thong, we can confirm, hopefully secured with more than two Clippy ), tiny celebrations and high notes by Henri Piispanen. In fact, this is pretty much a cut and paste of their UMK staging, but with even more processing power and a blurry LED wall that delivers a 90s screensaver.

Listeners of the Official Eurovision Podcast will know that the dancers in this performance are inspired by Teemu’s love of Ooh Aah…Just A Little Bit by Gina G. So Windows 95, inspired by Eurovision 96. We live for this fun fact.

Pyro Rehearsal coming soon – it’s reasonable to assume smoke and fireworks are coming…

The second rehearsal of Finland will take place on Wednesday 1/5 so we will have a better idea of what we will see on the stage of the competition.

Finland’s first rehearsal – Eurovision 2024. Credit: Alma Bengtsson/EBU


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Below you can watch a small snippet from the Finnish first rehearsal:


@eurovision Malmö Arena transforms into a denim dreamscape as @Windows95Man enters the chat #Eurovision2024 ♬ original sound – Eurovision

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