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Lithuania: This is the running order for the Final of “ 2024”!

On this Saturday, the 17th of February, the Grand Final of 2024 will take place in Lithuania and the winner will earn the opportunity to represent the country in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, in Malmö. Thus, a few hours ago, the national broadcaster of Lithuania, LRT, revealed the official running order of all the ten (10) candidate entries, which is the following:

(You can listen to all the ten songs by clicking on the songs’ titles)

  1. Aistè – “We Will Rule the World”
  2. Žalvarinis – “Gaudė vėjai”
  3. Pluie de Comètes – “Be careful”
  4. Silvester Belt – “Luktelk“
  5. VB gang – KABOOM!!!”
  6. Il Senso – “Time”
  7. Shower – “Impossible”
  8. Monika Marija – “Starting Tommorow”
  9. Queens of Roses – “Walk through fire“
  10. The Roop – “Simple Joy”

In this year’s “” multiple artists are expected to make a guest appearence in the show, including last year’s representative, Monika Linkytė, who will perform for once more her song “Stay“, the Lithuanian entry for Eurovision 2023. Moreover, the guest list includes also the famous Lithuanian girl trio Mango, who are going to perform a medley including all of their greatest hit songs.

This year’s format

It is of great importance though to remember that this year’s “” has a different format from all the previous years. More specifically, in total five (5) different semi finals were conducted this year, while from each one only two songs qualified for the Grand Final through a split voting system between the public’s vote and a jury’s vote. However, only the top three entries of the Final will qualify to one more final stage, the so called “Super Final” on Saturday night, from which the winner will be determined only by the public’s vote.

Until we find out who is going to be Monika’s successor on the stage of Malmö, take a look at her performance on Liverpool’s stage in May of 2023:

Source: LRT

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for even more news regarding Lithuania’s participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2024!

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