Spain: Soraya announced as the spokesperson for Eurovision 2024!

Soraya is the singer who represented Spain, in Eurovision 2009, with her song La Noche Es Para Mí”, and she is about to return to the contest, once again!

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Lithuania: This is the running order for the Final of “ 2024”!

On this Saturday, the 17th of February, the Grand Final of 2024 will take place in Lithuania and the winner will earn the opportunity to represent the country in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, in Malmö. Thus, a few hours ago, the national broadcaster of Lithuania, LRT, revealed the official running order of all the ten (10) candidate entries, which is the following:

(You can listen to all the ten songs by clicking on the songs’ titles)

  1. Aistè – “We Will Rule the World”
  2. Žalvarinis – “Gaudė vėjai”
  3. Pluie de Comètes – “Be careful”
  4. Silvester Belt – “Luktelk“
  5. VB gang – KABOOM!!!”
  6. Il Senso – “Time”
  7. Shower – “Impossible”
  8. Monika Marija – “Starting Tommorow”
  9. Queens of Roses – “Walk through fire“
  10. The Roop – “Simple Joy”

In this year’s “” multiple artists are expected to make a guest appearence in the show, including last year’s representative, Monika Linkytė, who will perform for once more her song “Stay“, the Lithuanian entry for Eurovision 2023. Moreover, the guest list includes also the famous Lithuanian girl trio Mango, who are going to perform a medley including all of their greatest hit songs.

This year’s format

It is of great importance though to remember that this year’s “” has a different format from all the previous years. More specifically, in total five (5) different semi finals were conducted this year, while from each one only two songs qualified for the Grand Final through a split voting system between the public’s vote and a jury’s vote. However, only the top three entries of the Final will qualify to one more final stage, the so called “Super Final” on Saturday night, from which the winner will be determined only by the public’s vote.

Until we find out who is going to be Monika’s successor on the stage of Malmö, take a look at her performance on Liverpool’s stage in May of 2023:

Source: LRT

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Germany: These are the international juries of “Eurovision Song Contest – Das Deutsche Finale 2024”!

Just a few hours ago, the national broadcaster of Germany, NDR, revealed on Eurovoix where the eight (8) different international juries that are going to vote during the National Final of Germany will come from. Thus, the international juries are going to consist of members from:

  • Austria
  • Croatia
  • Iceland
  • Lithuania
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

NDR also confirmed that an experienced group of guest artists that had already preveously participated in Eurovision Song Contest, will also be present so as to share their own experience, information and advice regarding their participation. This guest list includes of course Conchita Wurst and Mary Roos but also Rea Garvey, Riccardo Simonetti, Florian Silbereisen and Alli Neumann as well.

Remember that “Eurovision Song Contest – Das Deutsche Finale 2024” is set to be aired live on Friday the 16th of February, while the nine (9) entarnts that are going to compete for a possible representation of their country in Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö, are:

  1. NinetyNine – “Love on a budget”
  2. Leona – Undream you”
  3. Isaak Guderian – “Always on the run”
  4. GALANT – “Katze”
  5. Floryan – “Scars”
  6. Bodine Monet – “Tears like rain”
  7. RYK – “Oh boy”
  8. Marie Reim – “Naiv”
  9. Max Mutzke – “Forever strong”

Until we find out who is going to be Germany’s next representative, take a look at last year’s participation, with Lord of The Lost singing “Blood and Glitter”:

Source: Eurovoix

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Croatia: Slimane and Raiven are the special guests of “Dora 2024”!

Just a few hours ago, the national broadcaster of Croatia, HRT, made publicly known that Slimane and Raiven will be the special guests of “Dora 2024“, being the representative of France and of Slovenia respectively.

Thus, during the first semi final of “Dora 2024”, Slimane will be the guest artist who is going to performe his song “Mon Amour“, which will represent France in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and Raiven will be the second’s semi final guest artist, who will perform her song “Veronika” which is the official Slovenian entry for Eurovision 2024, in Malmö, in May.

Furthermore, no matter their qualification or not for the Final of “Dora 2024”, the famous Croatian band Let 3, that represented Croatia in Eurovision 2023, will eitherway be the guests of the Final, while even more surprises are yet to be revealed.

Let’s remember here that both of “Dora 2024” semi finals are set to be held in two nights in a row, since the First Semi Final is going to take place on the 22nd of February, while the Second on the 23rd. The Grand Final of “Dora 2024” is going to take place on Sunday the 25th of February.

The main hosts of the Nights will be Duško Ćurlić, Maja Ciglenečki and Anja Cerar.

The running orders for the two Semi Finals are the following:

First Semi-Final on February the 22nd:

  1. Noelle – Baby, Baby
  2. Mario Battifiaca feat. Robert Ferlin – Vodu piti trizan biti
  3. Stefany Žužić – Sretnih dana dat’ će Bog
  4. MISHA – One Day
  5. Erna – How Do You Love Me
  6. eugen – Tišine
  7. Vinko – Lying Eyes
  8. Barbara Munjas – Nepobjediva
  9. Let 3 – Baba Roga
  10. Lana Mandarić – More
  11. Pavel – TO THE MOON
  12. Saša Lozar – Ne plačem zbog nje

Second Semi Final on February the 23rd

  1. Lu Dedić – Plavi leptir
  2. James Night – NEBO PLAČE
  3. Lara Demarin – Ne vjerujem ti
  4. Alen Đuras – A Tamburitza Lullaby
  5. The Splitters – Od kad te sanjam
  6. Boris Štok – Can We Talk
  7. Baby Lasagna – RIM TIM TAGI DIM
  8. ET – Pametnom dosta
  9. Vatra – Slatke suze, gorka ljubav
  10. Damir Kedžo – Voljena ženo

Until then, take a look at last year’s Croatian participation in Eurovision with Let 3, singing “Mama ŠČ, who are also canditates for this year’s participation of Croatia as well:

Source: HRT

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Luxembourg: Susanne Georgi is going to be the vocal coach of “Luxembourg Song Contest 2024”!

Susanne Georgi who represented Andorra in Eurovision Song Contest 2009, singing “La Teva Decisio/Get a Life“, will help Luxembourg’s finalists to prepare for the country’s grand final which is going to take place on January the 27th.

More specifically, Susanne Georgi and Francesca Aaen are going to be the vocal coaches who will offer their own advice and help the eight finalists to optimize their performances before the final show.

Additionally, according to “Stars Academy Andorra”, the majority of Luxembourg’s artists have already participated in different shows including “The Voice“, “The Voice Kids” and “Got Talent” franchises. Moreover, Susanne Georgi herself has stated:

Smaller countries have a lot of talent!

Let’s keep in mind that Luxembourg returns in Eurovision Song Contest after 31 years since its last participation in 1993 and the eight artists that are going to compete and claim a place in Eurovision 2024 are:

  • Joel Marques
  • Naomi Ayé
  • Krick
  • One Last Time
  • TALI
  • Angy & Rafa Ela
  • CHAiLD

The final and official winner will be revealed through a combination of a jury’s vote and a public vote (50% 50%), while the eight’s songs are going to be released in the beginning of January.

Source: Diariandorra

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Australia: Is Dami Im coming back to Eurovision?

One of the 37 countries that have confirmed their participation to Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is of course Australia, which is going to celebrate its tenth entry since its debut back in 2015. As a result, a former known artist among the beloved ones who have experienced the meaning of being a participant in Eurovision, expressed her thoughts for a possible return to the Contest. The reason, of course, is for Dami Im who represented Australia in Eurovision in 2016 singing her song “Sound of Silence“, granting Australia its first 2nd place, the best one that the country has achieved up to this day.

During her interview to James Findlay, Dami Im mentioned her feelings of excitment that Australia is coming back to the Contest for once more and also she mentioned the following for a possible coming back entry from her:

I’m just glad that Australia is a part of it and I just put my hand up to go back to it, it’s just year after year because of Covid that it never worked out, but who knows? I don’t know who is going this year but I’m really interested to see!

Moreover, when she was asked by Findlay if she is coming back she answered:

I can’t say no if I get offered. I’m always up for it!

Dami Im is currentry focusing on her new Christmas album, titled as “Christmas Songbook”, but she still has her eyes set on one of the world’s biggest stages.

Until then, take a look at Dami Im’s participation in Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm, singing “Sound of Silence” for Australia, finishing in second place at the Grand Final:

Would you like to see Dami Im coming back to Eurovision Song Contest for once more? Let us know down in the comment section!


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Måneskin will perform on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and Coachella!

Last year’s Eurovision winners Måneskin seem to have officially made a name for themselves on the american music scene, apart from the european one, as their appearances on major live and television shows in the United States keep on coming.

After their TV appearances on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show and The Ellen Show, their next stop is the famous late-night sketch comedy and variety show Saturday Night Live (SNL) on Saturday, January 22nd.

It is worth mentioning that Måneskin will also be attending Coachella on April 17th and 24th, the annual music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, which brings together the most famous names of the year.

Norway: A Eurostar among the rumoured MGP 2022 participants!

The participants of Melodi Grand Prix 2022 will be announced next week but has already revealed some names that according to them will be among the competitors.

It seems that VILDE, Kim Wigaard, Northkid, Farida, Maria Mohn, Christian Ingebrigtsen, Oda Gondrosen, Mari Bølla and Elsie Bay might be on the list of the participants of the Norwegian national final.

Also, former Melodi Grand Prix participants Anna-Lisa Kumoji (MGP 2019) and Alexandra Joner (MGP 2015) are likely to return.

However, what is perhaps the most interesting revelation is that a former MGP winner is probably in the running, aiming to represent Norway once more, or for the first time, in case the former winner turns out to be Ulrikke.

The participation of a former MGP winner was also hinted by the Twitter account of Eurovision Norway :

NRK will reveal the 22 competing artists on Monday, January 10th 2022 and all the songs will be released later on the same day.

The schedule for the Melodi Grand Prix shows is as follows:

  • January 15 – Semi-Final One
  • January 22 – Semi-Final Two
  • January 29 – Semi-Final Three
  • February 5 – Semi-Final Four
  • February 12 – Second Chance Round
  • February 19 – Grand Final

Source: escNorge

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Eurostars: Mikolas Josef’s new hit

The 23-year-old Czech star Mikolas Josef, also known by his Eurovision participation in 2018, just released his new summer song titled « Acapella ».

Mikolas Josef, well-known and pan-European, has earned the best impression both from his songs with millions of streams on digital platforms and YouTube views as well as his sold out shows.

Josef has also been voted the most influential artist in the Czech Republic by the Forbes30 magazine.

Now he presents his new song titled ‘Acapella’ with Frankie J & Fito Blanko, along with his video clip.