Australia: Is Dami Im coming back to Eurovision?

One of the 37 countries that have confirmed their participation to Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is of course Australia, which is going to celebrate its tenth entry since its debut back in 2015. As a result, a former known artist among the beloved ones who have experienced the meaning of being a participant in Eurovision, expressed her thoughts for a possible return to the Contest. The reason, of course, is for Dami Im who represented Australia in Eurovision in 2016 singing her song “Sound of Silence“, granting Australia its first 2nd place, the best one that the country has achieved up to this day.

During her interview to James Findlay, Dami Im mentioned her feelings of excitment that Australia is coming back to the Contest for once more and also she mentioned the following for a possible coming back entry from her:

I’m just glad that Australia is a part of it and I just put my hand up to go back to it, it’s just year after year because of Covid that it never worked out, but who knows? I don’t know who is going this year but I’m really interested to see!

Moreover, when she was asked by Findlay if she is coming back she answered:

I can’t say no if I get offered. I’m always up for it!

Dami Im is currentry focusing on her new Christmas album, titled as “Christmas Songbook”, but she still has her eyes set on one of the world’s biggest stages.

Until then, take a look at Dami Im’s participation in Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm, singing “Sound of Silence” for Australia, finishing in second place at the Grand Final:

Would you like to see Dami Im coming back to Eurovision Song Contest for once more? Let us know down in the comment section!


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