North Macedonia: MRT considers withdrawing from Eurovision!

The North Macedonian broadcaster, MRT considers withdrawing North Macedonia from Eurovision 2023.

Following the incident at the Turquoise Carpet, during which Andrea threw North Macedonia’s on the floor. In the video we saw of the vocalist, it does not seem that the singer intended to show disrespect and just wanted to move the flag because of the photo-shoot with the press. However, showing disrespect to national symbols is a crime in North Macedonia, which means Andrea could face legal trouble for her action.

The broadcaster says it has made the decision to remain in the 2022 competition, stating that:

Such a step at a time when all the deadlines for withdrawal have passed would cause great financial damage and other sanctions that should not be neglected. In particular, the cancellation would jeopardize the participation and deviation of the television rights in all other events that MRT receives as a member of the European Broadcasting Network

The Macedonian Radio Television will take all legal decisions and disciplinary measures after the return of our delegation from Turin, after the members will submit reports on the events of the ceremony.

Due to the reporting on the incident within North Macedonia, the broadcaster is considering withdrawing from the event in 2023:

Due to the negative public image Eurovision has brought to the broadcaster, the MRT Editorial Board is considering the possibility that the Macedonian Radio Television will no longer compete in the Eurovision Song Contest from 2023.

Andrea will compete tomorrow in the 11th place of the second semi-final with her entry “Circles”, you can listen to her entry here:

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Image Source: EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett SourceMRT 

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