North Macedonia: Andrea almost withdrew from the contest in the Turquoise Carpet!

During the Opening Ceremony of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, Andrea seems to have thrown away a small flag of her country, something that made the public broadcaster mad. The public television of North Macedonia considered even the possibility of Andrea’s withdrawal!

You can see that exact moment in the 56:30 minute of the live broadcast of the opening ceremony:

After the ending of the ceremony, MRT made the following announcement:

MRT condemns this behaviour of our representative in Eurovision 2022, Andrea Koevska, who trew away the flag of our country during the photoshooting of yestarday’s opening ceremony. 

The public broadcaster is not responsible for this scandalous behavior of our representative, who showed disrespect for her nation with this move, something that is punishable by the law. MRT is waiting for Andrea’s public apology for this action. We already consider withdrawing the artist from Eurovision so that our channel will not have any further damage. Every possible legal way will be considered for the most severe punishment for this scandal those responsible for our participation in the contest.

However, after a while, through a video, Andrea apologies for her action and highlights that she had no intention of insulting her nation’s flag and that she desires to represent her country with the best way possible.

Below you can watch an exclusive clip of Andrea’s second rehearsal. North Macedonia competes in the second semi final, and performs eleventh in the running order.

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