USA: The States and Territories of ASC’s Second Heat!

After the premiere show of the first heat of the American Song Contest, the second heat with 11 more States and Territories of the Union will take place this Monday, March 28.

As in the first heat, participants announced their presence in the second heat through their social media accounts.

The participants

The territories and states that will be taking part are the following:

  1. US Virgin Islands: Cruz Rock – “Celebrando”
  2. Virginia: Almira Zaky – “Over You”
  3. North Dakota: Chloe Fredericks
  4. Kansas : Broderick Jones – “Tell Me”
  5. Kentucky: Jordan Smith
  6. Maine: King Kyote – “Get Out Alive”
  7. Montana: Jonah Prill – “Fire It Up”
  8. New York: ENISA
  9. Nebraska: Jocelyn – “Never Alone”
  10. Oregon: courtship. – “Million Dollar Smoothies”
  11. Ohio: Macy Gray

As in the previous round, most of the artists in this round have published the titles of their entries, while the titles of the remaining entries and samples of the songs are expected in the following days, until their full publication on Monday 28 March.

At this point it is worth mentioning that the show next Monday will also be announcing the top 3 States/ Territories from Heat 1 that made it to the semi-final round from the public vote.

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the latest news regarding the American Song Contest!

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