Eurovision 2022: Slovenia First Rehearsal!

Returning from the break and continuing the first rehearsals of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is Slovenia and LPS  with the song “Disko”!

About LPS

LPS (Last Pizza Slice) formed in December 2018 in the music room of the Grammar School Celje-Center. As well as the disco with which most new fans will now associate them, the group also dabble in soul-pop, funk, blues, rock and jazz. At the beginning of their career, they grew a dedicated fan base through their quirky, non-commercial interpretations of commercial hits.

Members of LPS are Filip (vocal), Gašper (drums), Mark (electric guitar), Zala (bass guitar, tenor and alto saxophone), and Žiga (electric keyboards).

The Rehearsal

We LOVE a giant on-stage disco ball! For scale, we’d say it’s roughly the size of two Fiat 500s stacked on top of one another. We’ll post a picture later so you can tell us on Twitter that we chose the wrong Italian car. LPS are looking fabulous in classic sixties tailoring. This song is pure joy, and these guys are delivering it with their effortless cool. We’re smiling and having a little bop. How could you not?

You can watch a small clip of Slovenia’s first rehearsal here:



The second rehearsal of Slovenia will take place on Wednesday 4th May, so we will have a better idea of ​​what we will see from LPS on the stage.

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