Finland: The results of the second episode of Viisukupla – Eurovisionsbubblan!

On Saturday, 30 April, the second episode of Viisukupla – Eurovisionsbubblan took place, where 13 more entries of this year’s Eurovision 2022 were evaluated by the audience and the panel of judges.

The Finnish preview show is presented by Märta Westerlund and Katri Norrlin. Permanent panel members are Eva Frantz and Mikko Silvennoinen while there are two guest judges each week. In this episode we saw Paul Uotila and Hanna Pakarinen. The audience and the panel of judges could vote for each entry by choosing a colour. Green when they liked it, yellow when the song left them with neutral feelings and red when they didn’t like it.

The results of the judges:

  1. The winners in the judges’ vote were Australia and the United Kingdom with 4/4 positive votes.
  2. Estonia and Serbia received very good reviews, with three positive votes. A good sign for these two countries, since they are participating in the same semi-final as Finland.
  3. No entry received 4 negative votes from the judges.
  4. Last in the jury ranking were Bulgaria and North Macedonia with 3 negative votes.

The results of the public voting:

  1. The winner of the public vote with 87% was Norway.
  2. Austria ended up 2nd with 79%.
  3. Denmark finished last in the public vote as no one said they liked this entry.

Next Saturday, 7 May, the third and final episode of Viisukupla – Eurovisionsbubblan will be released, where the 13 remaining entries of this year will be evaluated.

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