Belgium: “Eurosong 2023” in February with 7 participants and 14 songs!

According to the Dutch-speaking Belgian news website Het Laatste Nieuws, the public broadcaster, VRT, is aiming for a new format for Eurosong 2023. Specifically, seven artists are to participate with each competing with two songs.

Mid-February final?

It is not yet known how many shows will make up the Belgian national selection process. Although Het Laatse Nieuws stated that the final is expected to take place mid-February, Belgian website replied that the process will start in spring 2023 with the final taking place at Palais 12 in Brussels.

This year Belgium competed in Turin, Italy with Jérémie Makiese and the song Miss You which came 8th from the second semi-final and in the grand final they finished in the 19th place with 64 points


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