Ireland: Revamp for “We Are One” from Wild Youth!

Conor Donohoe of Wild Youth, who will represent Ireland in the Eurovision 2023 contest, has announced on social media that he is preparing a revamp for their song “We Are One”.

At the same time, in response to a tweet he announced that next week the band is preparing to start shooting the video clip for the song.

In the Irish national final held for the second year running, Wild Youth emerged as the big winners to fly the Irish flag in Liverpool with the song “We Are One”. The art director of the participation, as announced a few days ago, will be Ian Banham, who has a lot of experience in this field.

The song “We Are One” is a pleasant pop song with 90’s elements. As the members of the band have stated, it is an anthem for unity, peace and diversity. It remains to be seen what changes will be made with the revamp and if it will be able to garner more public appeal.

Listen to Ireland’s entry for 2023:

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