Lithuania: Eurovisionfun Reacts to Eurovision 2023 Entry “Stay”

On Saturday night, the national final of Lithuania was concluded with the big winner Monika Linkytė with the song “Stay”. Although the vote of the committee and the public ended in a tie, according to the competition regulations, Monika Linkytė won, having received more votes from the jury.

The Eurovisionfun team once again watched and reacted to the live performance for the country’s participation in the upcoming Eurovision contest! Enjoy Paschalis, Aps and Elefterium in a delightful and highly comical Reaction video with detailed commentary on Lithuania’s participation in 2023!

(edit of the video by Elefterium)

Enjoy the Performance of “Stay” from the national final:

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What do you think about the entry of Lithuania  for Eurovision 2023? Tell us in the comments!

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