Eurovision 2024: Gina Dirawi to host Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

We are a tiny bit less than six months away from next year’s Eurovision Song Contest and there are still no clear details about what SVT has planned on the stage or the hosts of the shows.

But here came Aftonbladet‘s Natalie Demirian and Viktoria Hummelstedt, who reported at Aftonbladet TV that according to several readers who had contacted them, Gina Dirawi might have revealed some details when she was recording last week’s “Hellenius Hörna“, a TV4 tv-show. But let’s dive into more detail about what has happened.

Gina was asked about Melodifestivalen and also about whether she will or will not lead Eurovision, next May in Malmö. Dirawi started talking a little about it, before she interrupted the whole thing -according to people who were on-site as an audience- and said that they are not allowed to say anything about what they had just heard, because she herself is not allowed to talk about it yet. She is said to have become very stressed about it and there must have been a strange atmosphere in the studio.

It is still highly unclear if her reaction was this due to the fact of her being bound with an NDA or for any other reasons. On one hand it doesn’t have to mean anything at all, on the other hand we cannot completely rule out the fact that she might be one of the hosts next year, it is just not impossible that she is in it. Time will tell if she will be one of the hosts of next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which was brought back to Malmö after Loreen won with her entry “Tattoo” by accruing her second victory eleven years after her first one.

Who is Gina Dirawi?

Gina Dirawi is a Swedish television presenter, singer-songwriter, radio personality, blogger, comedian and actress. She is best known as the first woman ever to host Melodifestivalen on three occasions: in 2012 alongside Helena Bergström and Sarah Dawn Finer, in 2013 alongside Danny Saucedo and in 2016 with guest co-hosts in each show. Dirawi was also the Swedish spokesperson at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016, announcing the results of the Swedish jury vote from Eurovision: The Party in the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm. Gina is of Palestinian descent and her family comes from Lebanon, and it would make much sense if SVT had selected her to be one of the hosts of the contest, which will take place in the most pro-Palestinian city of Sweden at times when there still might be an ongoing middle-eastern conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is organized in collaboration with the city of Malmö and will be broadcast from Malmö Arena on Tuesday 7 May (semi-final 1), Thursday 9 May (semi-final 2) and Saturday 11 May (final) after Loreen won for a second time in Liverpool with the song “Tattoo“.

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Source: Aftonbladet

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