Israel: Eurovision 2024 Trailer! (Video)

With HaKokhav Haba now entering its final phase, Israel is now closer and closer to selecting the artist that will represent the country in Eurovision Song Contest 2024. For this reason, a special trailer is airing for some days now, that talks about Israel participation in general, as well as in this special year.

The trailer starts with some articles from international press, and some images of pro-Palestinian rallies, asking to boycott the Israeli participation in Eurovision 2024.

It then goes on, with the fact that Israel is first in the betting odds and EBU’s announcement of the participating countries, with Israel being present.

Then we can listen to the voice of a judge from HaKokhav Haba, quoting some verses from the old testament, which were also being used in a known song.

“In every generation our lives will be threatened, but God will save us from them.”

The trailer ends with the commentator stating that it will be a great honor for whoever represents the country this year and we see the famous wall of HaKokhav Haba covered with the flag of Israel.

You can see the trailer, in the video below:

14 artists are still in the race to represent Israel in Eurovision 2024. From Wednesday, January 3, and in each episode of HaKokhav Haba, an artist will be eliminated, until the we reach the Grand Final, when an artists will take on the task of waving the flag of Israel in Malmö.

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Israeli participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!

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