Israel: A Songwriting Camp will take place to create Noa Kirel’s song!

According to the Israeli Eurovision news website Euromix, the song with which Noa Kirel will represent Israel at Eurovision 2023 is set to be created at a Songwriting Camp.

For the first time, Israel is expected to organize a “Songwriting Camp”, a format previously used by countries such as Sweden, Norway and Bulgaria, where composers and songwriters will have the opportunity to work together to create possible entries for the Israeli participation.

The organization of the “camp” seems to have been undertaken by the managers of Noa Kirel, who have already invited songwriters who have collaborated with Noa in the past. Among the names rumored to take part are Doron Medalie (Israel 2015, 2016, 2018), Ron Beaton, Jordi, Nitzan Kaykov, Itay Shimoni and Eitan Peled, while Noa Kirel herself is set to be actively involved in the creative process.

Noa Kirel was selected by a ten-member panel of experts that included professionals from the fields of culture, music and television. The committee members considered 78 male and female singers, assessing their experience in performing live in front of a big audience, as well as their popularity in the domestic music market.

In Eurovision 2022, Michael Ben David represented Israel and did not advance to the Grand Final, taking the 13th place in the 2nd Semi Final with 61 points.

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Source : Euromix, Eurovoix

Israel: Noa has confirmed her participation in Eurovision 2023!

It might have taken about a month, but now it’s official! Noa Kirel will represent Israel at Eurovision 2023, as it was officially announced hours ago in a press conference held in Tel Aviv.

Noa Kirel scores for Israel

The superstar of Israel’s pop music scene noted that her fans were one of the main reasons she accepted the offer by the country’s Public Broadcaster to participate in Eurovision 2023.

I think I said everything I had to say about my excitement, the weight on my shoulders and the pride I feel. Thank you for all the love you have given me, the immense support you have provided me with, since I was selected, as well as for the privilege of representing my country (in ESC).

The Israeli Eurovision Committee, consisting of ten experts from KAN radio and Galats, chose Kirel from among 78 renowned artists and gave her the right to be the first one to either refuse or accept said offer. Kirel accepted the offer, after protracted discussions over the past few weeks.

On Monday, Noa revealed in an  interview with  Bequest 12 that she has made specific demands regarding her participation, including being involved in writing and choosing the song, as well as in the direction of the performance at Eurovision stage in May.


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Who is Noa Kirel?

Her birth-name was  Noya, but after she was diagnosed with a severe kidney disease when she was three months old, a rabbi suggested her parents to change her name to  Noa, so she could heal and walk. The rabbi also predicted that she would become a dancer. 

In March 2020, she enlisted in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and served in a military band. In February 2022, Kirel completed her service in the IDF.

She is Israel’s biggest pop star of recent years, dominating the country’s charts since the release of her #1 hit ‘Killer’ when she was just 14 years old. He was a judge on the X Factor for years, while she stars in dozens of commercials, series and movies, making her one of the most popular celebrities in the country. Noa belongs to Atlantic Records and has released 41 singles.

Listen to her biggest hit below:

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Israel: Noa Kirel will most likely confirm her Eurovision participation on a press conference on Wednesday!

She’s already added layers to the Eurovision 2023 iceberg of intrigue by saying her Eurovision 2023 participation was only a “maybe” – despite KAN (Israel’s national broadcaster) revealing she was at the top of its wishlist.

But now Israeli media are reporting that Noa Kirel will confirm her Eurovision participation at a press conference on Wednesday.

KAN’s Eurovision committee drew up a list of 78 artists who have performed well on the charts in recent years and then debated among themselves to create a ranked list of artists for ESC 2023. Noa, definitely Israel’s most popular star, came out on top.

However, that didn’t mean that Noa and her management were willing to accept her placement on top and to submit to any and all demands from KAN.

In mid-July the 21-year-old star told on an Israeli newspaper that she needs more time to “brainstorm” a potential Eurovision run.

“It’s a competition that relies on politics, but on the other hand it is also a big stage and that offers a lot exposure,” she said. “Fear has never stopped me from trying things and life is about taking risks and getting up. Is this the thing that will expose me to the world? Or could it be the other way around? That’s why I need to brainstorm and understand how I approach this.”

On Monday, Noa revealed in an interview that she’s made specific demands regarding her participation that include being involved in the writing and choosing of the song and directing the eventual stage show. KAN had planned to have Noa perform three or four songs on a TV show, similar to what Eden Alene did ahead of Rotterdam, and have a jury and the public decide her entry.

It’s thought that KAN and Noa will give some sense of how the song will be chosen during the press conference on Wednesday.

Eran Suissa, the entertainment correspondent for Israel Hayom, previously reported that “Toy” songwriter Doron Medalie was contacted by Noa Kirel’s team about joining the Israel team, most likely as a songwriter.

Medalie previously worked as Noa’s artistic director, giving her hits like “If You Are a Man” and “Tikitas”. He also turned Israel’s fortunes around at Eurovision with songs like “Golden Boy” and “Made of Stars”.

Howeveer, he told that he wants to see some big changes within Israel’s Eurovision team and that such changes will be essential for Kirel to climb the scoreboard. He suggested strongly that there are messy scenes behind the curtain at broadcaster KAN.

“We need to devote enormous resources to Noa and a professional team made up of the best talents and professionals we have. To produce such a system will require a real revolution in attitude. We create the illusion that it is so simple but the truth is that it is the most complex undertaking.”

 Listen to one of Noa Kirel’s most popular songs “Thought About That”:

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Israel: Kirel in discussions with the composer of “Toy”!

Although Noa Kirel has yet to make her final decision on whether to take part in Eurovision 2023, her team appears to be in discussions with composer Doron Medalie.

KAN’s announcement and Kirel’s new statements

As we have informed you in our previous article , KAN had officially announced that the superstar Noa Kirel will represent the country in Eurovision 2023. However, a few hours later the potential representative of Israel made it clear that the decision is not yet final.

In a recent interview with the Israeli newspaper Maariv, Kirel stated that she needs more time to think about a potential Eurovision entry. It is, according to the singer, a Competition which “relies on politics, but at the same time it offers great exposure [to the artist]”. However, she later added that “fear has never stopped [her] from trying new things and life is all about taking risks” .

Kirel in talks with Doron Medalie?

According to Eran Suissa, a journalist for the newspaper Israel Hayom, Kirel’s team has contacted the composer of the song that gave Israel its victory back in 2018, Doron Medalie. It is not clear whether the latter was asked to take on the composition/production of the potential Eurovision song or to have an active role in its selection.

Kirel has already collaborated with Medalie, with the latter having a total of three entries in the Contest on behalf of Israel (“Golden Boy”, “Made of Stars”, “Toy”).

What is certain is that Medalie desires structural changes in the team surrounding Israel’s entries in the Contest, and wants resources to be invested towards different directions. Specifically, he stated that:

“We have to dedicate huge resources to Noa, and to have a professional team made up of the best talents and professionals we have […] To produce such a system will require a real revolution in the attitude [KAN has towards the Competition]. We create the illusion that [the end result] is so simple, but the truth is that it is the most complex undertaking.”

In relation to the financing of a possible Kirel’s participation, the Israeli website EuroMix reports that there are tensions over who could absorb the costs. This is due to the fact that until now the costs were covered entirely by KAN, thanks to the profits generated through advertising during the various talent shows. With the internal selection, however, this source of income is no longer available.

What do you think? Will Kirel join forces with Medalie for Eurovision 2023?

Israel: Superstar Noa Kirel will represent the country in Eurovision 2023!

Israel is the first country to choose its representative for Eurovision 2023. Following an internal selection procedure, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation (also known as “KAN”) announced today that the professional committee appointed for the selection of the Israeli representative has decided that Noa Kirel (Hebrew: נועה קירל) will represent the country in the Eurovision 2023.

Who is Noa Kirel?

The 21-year-old Kirel became famous seven years ago when she released her first single called “Medabrim” (English meaning – “Talking”). It was followed by successful hits including “Killer”, “”Yesh Bi Ahava” (English meaning – “There’s Love in Me”), “Tikitas” (Hebrew version of “Τι Κοιτάς”, originally by Eleni Foureira), “Million Dollar”(featuring Shahar Saul), “Yahalomim” (English meaning – “Diamonds”) etc.

In addition, she starred in TV shows, in a film, and participated in the Talent Shows in 2019 and 2020. She has won the MTV Europe Music Awards for the best Israeli act between 2017 and 2020.

Since signing with the international record label Atlantic Records, Kirel has released three successful singles; “Please Don’t Suck” which was released in July last year, “Bad Little Thing” and “Thought About That” which was released in February, and which it has already gathered more than 34 million views.



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The selection process

Last month, the Broadcasting Corporation announced that Israel’s representative in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest will be selected through a professional committee, for the first time since 2014.

From 2015 to 2020, Israeli representatives were selected to compete in the reality show “The Next Eurovision Star”. This year, Michael Ben David was chosen to represent Israel in Turin, after winning the “X Factor for Eurovision” program that aired on Network 13. Ben David  did not qualify for the finals of the competition.

The committee included ten members, with expertise in culture, music, television and Eurovision. According to the announcement, committee members discussed 78 names of male and female singers “with rich and proven experience in performing before a large audience”.

In the second stage, each member of the committee suggested two names from the list  (up to 20 names in total). Then, the committee discussed the artists appearing on the list and narrowed the list down, in order of priority, with the most suitable artist ranked first on the list and so on.

At the end of the discussion, KAN made an official offer to the artist who was ranked first on the list to represent Israel in the competition, under conditions that will be determined by KAN. Noa Kirel’s representatives said that “Noa will be proud to represent Israel”.

What’s your take on Israel’s representative for Eurovision 2023? Will she do better than Michael Ben David did?

Eurovision 2022: Israel’s Second Rehearsal!

Right before the break we have Israel rehearsing! This is how the first rehearsal was described: ‘Great vocal? Tick. Super-polished dance routine? Tick. Hot dancers in white outfits? Tick. Fully fabulous pop banger? Tick tick tick. Eurovision level complete.’

About The Second Rehearsal

Michael is one of the most charismatic artists this year! This is a… PERFORMANCE. So much energy and so much effort were put into it. I think it was missing some fireworks and some colours other than white (the primary one) and red. Vocally perfect. Everything was on point. The camerawork is nice. A very energetic performance to look forward to! They managed to create a fun performance!

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Israel: Michael Ben David will be present in Turin!

Israel’s public broadcaster, KAN, has announced that the Israeli delegation will travel to Turin as scheduled to participate in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest.

According to KAN, the security concerns in Italy raised by the Foreign Ministry strike have been resolved.

In a statement, KAN said:

The company thanks the Shin Bet (Israel Internal Security Agency) for it’s efforts to work for a solution for the security issues despite the difficulty, and we are confident that Michael Ben-David will represent Israel with dignity on the world stage. The operation of the Shin Bet as a substitute for the coordination activities of security officers at the embassy, ​​with a risk that may be posed to Israeli interests abroad in the long run, is a certificate of poverty for decision-makers who failed to end the foreign service crisis, threatening Israel’s ability to cope successfully with challenges in the international arena.

Israel’s Internal Security Agency said that their chief instructed officials to consider various options without the help of the Foreign Ministry because of the strike.

Israel will appear in the second place in the second semi-final on May 12.

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Source: The Jerusalem Post

Israel: Eurovision 2023 participation confirmed!

Israel confirmed its participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2023 and is searching for a national final format.

KAN published a tender searching for the Israeli national selection for Eurovision 2023. By launching the tender for its national final, Israel confirmed its participation for Eurovision 2023, alongside San Marino and Cyprus for which it is already known that the will compete in the contest

The Israeli public broadcaster is looking for proposals from other broadcasters of the country, to collaborate for the national final. The proposed television show would select the Israeli representative and must be a show that has been produced or broadcasted in Israel or internationally.

The tender process follows the same process as was previously used to determine the Israeli selection between 2015 and 2021. From 2015 to 2020 the Israeli representative was selected using “Rising Star”, while “The X Factor Israel” was utilised in 2021.


Israel: These are the eight songs of the national selection process, for Eurovision 2022!

The X Factor Israel started on October 30, where the artist and the song that will represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, will be selected.

A while ago, the eight songs that the four finalists of The XFactor Israel will have to perform, were played for the first time on Kan Gimmel. One of these eight songs will be the song that finally Israel will compete with, at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

You can listen to all the eight songs below:
  • Inbal Bibi – ZAZA
  • Inbal Bibi – Marionette
  • Michael Ben David – Don’t
  • Michael Ben David –I.M 
  • Eli Huli – Blinded Dreamers
  • Eli Huli – Nostalgia
  • Sapir Saban – Breaking My Own Walls
  • Sapir Saban – Head Up

The finalists

On January 27, four finalists were selected, on the second semi final of XFactor Israel, the selection process of Israel for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest!

The four finalists of  The XFactor Israel are:

  1. Inbal Bibi
  2. Eli Huli
  3. Michael Ben David
  4. Sapir Saban

The selection Process

Out of the 130 songs that were submitted, the above eight songs were selected and will be assigned to the four finalists in the hopes of becoming the Israeli representative of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The final of the competition will take place on the 5th of February with the above four finalists. Each of the four will be assigned with two of the above new songs, which they will have to perform. There will also be a semi-final round, to select one of the two songs for each artist on February 3rd.

The song that will be selected will be the one with which each participant will claim the representation of Israel for Eurovision 2022. Four songs and four artists will compete in the X Factor Grand Final. Then, the audience and the jury will jointly choose the artist and the song who will represent the country in Turin.

We remind you that the popular talent show will be presented by Liron Weizman. According to domestic media, X Factor Israel judges will include Netta Barzilai, Aviv Geffen, Margalit Tzan’ani, Ran Danker and Miri Mesika.

Israel was represented by Eden Alene in Eurovision 2021 with the song Set Me Free, finishing 17th in the grand final on May 22nd.

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Israel: The first two finalists of “X Factor Israel”!

Α little while ago, the first semi-final of “X Factor Israel” was completed. X Factor is Israel’s method to choose its next representative for Eurovision Song Contest!

The six finalists of X Factor Israel are:

  • Inbal Bibi
  • Eli Huli
  • Michael Ben David
  • Sapir Saban
  • Shahar Edwi
  • Anna Steffaniee

The six contestants were divided in three duels, the first to go on stage were Inbal Bibi and Shahar Edwi. The remaining four contestants, Michael Ben David, Anna SteffanieeEli Huli andSapir Saban competed against each other in two separate duels. The three winners of the first phase, went on stage again and two of them made it to the final.

The first two finalists of X Factor Israel, that will sing in the final on February 5 are:

  1. Inbal Bibi
  2. Eli Huli

The second semi-final will take place on Thursday, January 27 on Channel 13, when we will learn the last two finalists of X Factor Israel.

About the final of the X Factor Israel:

The final will take place on February 5 with four finalists. The juries of this year’s X Factor are Netta Barzilai, Aviv Geffen, Margalit Tzan’ani, Ran Danker and Miri Mesika.

The juries will assign two songs to each of the four finalists of the Grand Final. At first, through the juries and the vote of the public, one song for each artist will be chosen.

The chosen song will be the one with which each artist claims Israel’s representation for Eurovision 2022. Subsequently, the public and the juries will decide upon the artist that will represent the country in Turin.

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Source: Channel 13