Eurovision 2024: Edward af Sillén is back in Eurovision for the third time!

After the success of Eurovision in 2013 and 2016, David Rehn and Edward af Sillén are preparing to once again hold the helm of the contest – as scriptwriters and af Sillén also as director. Now they’re looking for the right tone and theme. Edward comments:

“It’s a programme that is seen and loved by so many people, so it’s important to do it right and with passion.”

Af Sillén feels some performance anxiety, but he’s used to it:

“That’s my starting position. The low self-esteem is a kind of fuel and it makes me work extra hard. It works even if it’s costly mentally.”

Above all, however, it is with pleasure that Edward af Sillén takes on the assignment – which he calls “a boyhood dream, once again”. In 2023, he commentated on the final for the twelfth time and it has become the script for three Eurovision contests in Norway and Sweden. But after 2016, he thought it wouldn’t happen again. Edward comments:

“Then Loreen went and won again, which is an almost unimaginable feat.”

He and Rehn wondered if they could make a follow-up as popular as the 2016 broadcast – which even the BBC praised.

“It’s an incredible compliment, this assignment was too much fun to refuse.”

says Edward af Sillén.

He now hopes to be able to give the audience more of what characterized the show in 2016 – humor. Admittedly, he thinks it is a delicate task to get so many different countries to laugh at the same things. But if you love something, it’s worth joking around, he believes and adds:

“There’s so much love in that humour. We will certainly want to continue along this track.”

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is organized in collaboration with the city of Malmö and will be broadcast from Malmö Arena on Tuesday 7 May (semi-final 1), Thursday 9 May (semi-final 2) and Saturday 11 May (final) after Loreen won for a second time in Liverpool with the song “Tattoo“.

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Source: Aftonbladet

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