Iceland: Protest against Israel’s participation at Eurovision 2024 outside the Public Broadcaster offices!

Earlier today, protesters gathered in front of the offices of the Icelandic Public Broadcaster RUV, calling for the disqualification of Israel from Eurovision 2024 due to the Israel-Gaza conflict. Around 50 people assembled in Reykjavik,  in support of Gaza and with one of their main demands to Israel’s withdrawal from the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Malmö, Sweden.

Stefan Eiríksson, the director of Icelandic Public Radio, met with a delegation of protesters who handed him a petition with 9,500 signatures calling for withdrawal from the 68th Eurovision Song Contest if Israel takes part. They urged RUV to put pressure on both the EBU and other public broadcasters to prevent Israel’s participation in the competition.

Sama Arla, the spokesperson of the protesters, stated that if Israel participates in Eurovision 2024, then RUV should withdraw Iceland’s participation.

“Iceland, like all the other countries competing in the Eurovision Song Contest, has the power to demand that Israel’s participation is re-examined in light of the fact that Israel is committing genocide. We know that there is usually a lot of controversy about RÚV’s lack of action on the matter. We want to see more action from RÚV. Also in the case of Russia, it was initially not expelled from the competition until the Finns threatened to withdraw. Anyone can take that first step and we want Iceland to do so.”

When asked whether they will be any further action if RUV  does not boycott the contest the reply was:

“This is a Public Television Network that should listen to the voices of the people in the country. It will be unusual if the decision to boycott the competition is not accepted.”

A few days ago, RUV, through Stefan Eiríksson, announced that Iceland would participate in Eurovision 2024. He stated that Iceland would not ask for the disqualification of Israel from the contest, emphasizing that the event should remain separate from political matters.

So far, no EBU member has officially asked the disqualification of Israel from Eurovision 2024.

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Source: Euromix

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