Ruslana expresses her solidarity with Israel!

In an interview with the Israeli website Euromix, Ruslana expresses her solidarity with Israel for the terrorist attack suffered by Hamas, while visibly moved she parallels the situation experienced by the Israelis with what the citizens of Ukraine experienced and continue to experience, after the Russian invasion.

I have performed many times in Israel, but I will never forget my performance at the 2005 Israeli Eurovision Song Contest (the national final), held in Jerusalem. This day had a great effect on me. I have many friends in Israel and I do my cross about the situation in Israel. I was in Tel Aviv when the Eurovision Song Contest was held there in 2019, it was an amazing time.

Keep the light in your hearts. We were also attacked and many things were destroyed for us as a result of the war. We are still dreaming, we have not lost strength. Light is power. Keep it. I love you!

Besides being the first winner of the Eurovision contest for Ukraine, Ruslana is a politician, activist and supporter of the EU and Western values and principles in her country. From the first moment she has been one of the harshest critics of Russia, while lately she has been traveling around the world to collect humanitarian aid in favor of Ukraine.

You can watch the interview below:

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    • Tomi
      Tomi says:

      Very ignorant or plain stupid comment. You take for granted the numbers published by the Cavaliers of Truth Hamas?? Most of the Arab dead are Hamas. They hide behind women and children so yes civilians died too. The comparison to Russia’s deliberate targeting of civilians is idiotic.

      • Joe
        Joe says:

        You know someone is completely unbiased when they start with insults to iligitamize someone else’s opinion. But I do agree it’s idiotic to compare, the Isreal forces have unalived alot more during these 2 months than the entire 2 years Ukraine war by ratio. And don’t spread misinfo like “most are hamas” no, most are children. More than half, that’s a fact.

        • Yuval
          Yuval says:

          You have to understand that Hamas uses the population in Gaza as a human shield.
          ‏Israel endlessly distributed leaflets
          ‏ asking
          ‏them to do so and even took over the Hamas television station in order to encourage them to temporarily move to the Egyptian border about two weeks before the ground invasion, those who don’t flee put themselves at risk
          ‏Hamas is to be blamed, as it is preventing the civilian population from fleeing to Rafah on the Egyptian border and using them as a human shield, and this is what Biden also talked about in his speech. Every day Israel allows the civilian population to move towards the south without hindrance, about a million people did move there, those who did not move south put themselves at risk, Hamas does not allow them to pass and even shoots at the citizens in Gaza and sometimes takes their car keys because it wants the citizens in Gaza to use it as a shield human. He wants to use the bodies
          the citizens in Gaza to act as a human shield. He wants to use their bodies as a propaganda tool, pressure Israel for a ceasefire, but that won’t help them. Hamas should simply release all the abductees and captives and then can ask for a ceasefire

  1. Tomi
    Tomi says:

    The attack was committed or perpetrated by Hamas Not suffered. A case of bad English.
    Thanks Ruslana sladkaya. Israel loves you too.

  2. Candille Rehman
    Candille Rehman says:

    There is too much evidence to show Isreal and not doing targeted bombings to remove Hamas. IDF/IOF have admitted they are concerned for Israeli hostages being releases by Hamas – why? For political reasons.
    They state they are fair to Palestinans. They have cut off their water and electricity, but then for media, show incubators being transported. Shifa hospital do not need incubators- they need electricity. White phosphorus is being used on civilians. Even if we accept, just for a second, that IOF are doing this all because ‘Israel have a right to defend itself’ – please ask, from who and what? They have broken countless international laws and are not being held accountable. Iraq broke 2 laws and were bombed for 8 years. Wheres Israels punishment? They accuse anyone of being anti-Zionist, as anti-Semite. This is not a Jewish issue. This is not a Muslim issue. This is a human issue. Real Jews who understand the Torah and faith understand Zionism to be wrong in the way they’re attempting to achieve their state. You cannot rob an indigenous people of their homeright, commit apartheid and genocide on them tk achieve your state. Zionism state its because that’s what is said in Their Book, but doing so in this means is ILLEGAL even on their faith. This is NOTHING but a racist, far right, political group. And they must be stopped.

    • Yuval
      Yuval says:

      “IDF/IOF have admitted they are concerned for Israeli hostages being releases by Hamas – why? For political reasons.”
      Are you ready to reason? Because I didn’t understand it at all.
      I also didn’t understand where the apartheid is because Israel is not at all the sovereign in Gaza, Hamas is the sovereign, Israel is not even the sovereign in Area A in Judea and Samaria, the Palestinians are the sovereign, they have their own parliament, court, police, authorities, etc.
      The Arabs living in Israel have the right to vote in the elections, they have representation in the parliament even in the previous parliament they had an Arab minister in the government and even an Arab deputy speaker of the parliament. So where is the apartheid? Hamas invaded on 7/10/23 the territorial areas of the State of Israel and carried out a massacre. A barbaric, cruel and brutal massacre that even kidnapped old people, the sick, babies, children, women, etc. Are children harmed in Gaza? Israel requested two weeks before the ground maneuver to move to Rafah near the Egyptian border, which is considered a safe area so that the civilian population would not be harmed. Those who did not do so are putting themselves at risk.
      Do you know who is stopping them from escaping? This is Hamas, it is shooting itself at the citizens in Gaza because it does not want them to flee to a protected place, it wants them to use it as a human shield


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