Czechia: Aiko had submitted songs for ESCZ in previous years!

About a month ago, Aiko won ESCZ, and at the same time the representation of Czechia in Eurovision 2024, with the song “Pedestal” .

Aiko won the national final, with almost twice as many votes as the runner-up Elly. However, this great win was not Aiko’s first attempt at the national final.

As she revealed in “The EuroTrip Podcast”, she has submitted her songs to ČT several times, in order to participate in ESCZ:

“I think this is my third try at this point. I just really like the community around it. I love that in Eurovision the artists are actually going in with their own music, which is very different to other contests. It’s something I really wanted to experience, and this is the year that it just worked out.” 

Apparently, each times Aiko submitted songs, the public television did not select her to participate in the National Final.

Furthermore, Aiko made some revelations about her stage appearance and what we can expect from her in May:

“You can expect it to be very conceptual – there is a very interesting idea. There will be black, red and white.”

Aiko will represent Czechia in Eurovision 2024, with her song “Pedestal”:

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Czech participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!

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