Eurovision 2024: Intense Battle at the Top and changes in the Top 5 & Top 10!

As we approach the semi-final draw of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, one of Eurovisionfun‘s favorite and most-discussed columns makes its return. The betting analyses for Eurovision 2024 are back, offering insights into the current landscape as we head towards the highly anticipated event in May.

Hot Competition at the Top

The battle for the top spot in the betting odds continues, with Ukraine maintaining its position as the favorite ten days before the Vidbir 2024 grand final. Compared to our analysis three weeks ago, Ukraine‘s odds have slightly declined, attributed to the popularity of Alyona Alyona & Jerry Heil, considered strong contenders for representing Eastern Europe. The odds for Ukraine‘s victory in Malmo range between 5.7 and 7.

The United Kingdom holds its ground in the second position. Similar to Ukraine, the UK‘s odds have decreased, ranging from 6.5 to 8. The selection of Olly Alexander and the expectations surrounding the BBC‘s choice have influenced these odds.

Shuffling in the Top 5

Italy has risen to the third position in the betting odds. Just days before the Sanremo Festival, Italy‘s victory in Malmo is a topic of discussion, with betting odds reaching up to 11 times the initial wager. The country’s strong recent track record, coupled with the impressive Sanremo lineup, has boosted confidence in Italy’s chances.

Sweden now holds the fourth position, aiming for its historic eighth victory on home soil. In-house victory for Sweden is offered at odds ranging from 8 to 13.

Israel rounds off the top 5, facing a decline in odds due to geopolitical realities and the conflict in Gaza. Despite this, Israel‘s odds for victory are around 15.

Top 10

Lithuania steadily climbs to the sixth position, with Silvester Belt‘s “Luktelk” and VB Gang‘s “KABOOM!!!” gaining attention. Odds for Lithuania’s potential first-ever victory in Malmo range from 7 to 17.5.

Norway drops to seventh place, with odds around 15-17. The Melodi Grand Prix 2024, concluding next Saturday, is eagerly awaited by Eurofans.

Greece moves up one spot to eighth, showing resilience after a disappointing presence in Liverpool. Marina Satti‘s name and the direct assignment to a prominent figure in the Greek music scene restored bookers’ confidence on the Mediterranean country. Greece remains in the Top 10 throughout 2024, with odds between 13 and 21.

Switzerland takes the ninth spot, benefitting from the decision not to send a male ballad this year. Memories of Luca Hänni‘s success in 2019 play a role, with odds offered being around 13 and 21, as well as Greece.

Finland completes the top 10, with Sara Siipola and “Paskana” gaining attention. Odds for Finland’s potential victory range from 17 to 22.

As the Eurovision 2024 excitement builds, the betting landscape is dynamic, with shifting odds and intense competition among the favorites. Will the bookmakers’ predictions hold true, or will a surprise winner emerge? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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