Finland: Teemu Keisteri asks for time to decide whether to participate in Eurovision 2024!

Teemu Keisteri is the winner of UMK 2024. As Windows95man together with Henri Piispanen and the song No Rules overturned the predictions and will be the ones to represent Finland at Eurovision 2024. But in an interview Teemu Keisteri asks for time to decide if he will participate in the contest after all.

Israel’s participation is the deterrent for Teemu Keisteri to happily participate in the upcoming singing competition. Although he recognizes that it is a decision he will make together with Henri Piispanen, he asks for time to calmly think about his final decision.

I’m not alone in this, I’m with Henri. We started all this to spread joy. This is what we want to do at Eurovision. Everyone involved in this should feel good. We want to take some quiet time to decide on this.

Teemu is asking all this year’s participants to sign a petition asking the EBU to ban Israel from Eurovision 2024.

We would be happy to promote such a thing!

Finland will compete in the second half of the first semi-final of Eurovision 2024 on 7 May.

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Source: Helsingin
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