Marcus & Martinus: “Τhe timing was perfect and we felt like we had the song for Melodifestivalen as well!” | Exclusive Interview

Andreas Papayiannakis and EurovisionFun is accredited by SVT to follow the Melodifestivalen tour for a third year in-a-row. In Stockholm we got the chance to meet a few people involved in this year’s Melodifestivalen. Among those was the duo of Marcus & Martinus who had us over at the headquarters of Universal Sweden and spoke with us on an extensive interview.

Marcus & Martinus are truly “Unforgettable“, they debuted last year with the song “Air“, this year with the song “Unforgettable“, written by the same team as last year, they aim for the win. Last year they came second to Loreen, who ended up winning Eurovision for the second time with the song “Tattoo“. How do they feel for being back back-to-back a year later after their debut?

“I feel very good. It’s very good to be back and we’re super excited about this year and this year’s song. So, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Marcus Gunnarsen, Martinus Gunnarsen and Jimmy “Joker” Thörnfeldt were the team behind their entry last year. Now the same team wrote this year’s song. Marcus & Martinus tell us a bit more about “Unforgettable“:

“Well, it’s kind of the same vibe as Air but more rough and more dark, I think. And it’s gonna be a big show when we’re going to perform it. You can dance. I think it’s a very good song to listen to when you’re working out as well. So, it’s like a motivation song type of thing.”

Mellopedia, writes that Marcus & Martinus will have “high-tech changing walls and dancers” on their staging. They don’t wanna say much obviously, because they haven’t performed the song for the public yet:

“Well, I don’t think we can say too much yet because we haven’t performed the show yet. All I’m gonna say is that we’re gonna use walls and it’s gonna be so cool. And yeah, you just gotta wait and see.”

Among the competing artists in the fifth heat to be held in Karlstad, Sweden, they commented on Medina, who are competing on the same heat as them:

“I know it’s a lot of amazing artists and especially we know Medina from before and I think their song will give some very good vibes. I’ve heard some rumors about the song, so it’s gonna be very fun to see them. They’re going to be last in the last heat, so I guess that’s a sign.”

On the contrary, Marcus & Martinus will open the show this Saturday. They want to start off the show “with a bang”. They add:

“We want the people to feel the stage and everything and then hopefully the next artist will keep it up until the last one, Medina, are coming on. So, I think it’s good to get the pressure off the shoulders just to be the first one out and give them a good show and then we’re gonna relax and enjoy the others after.”

One can understand that they guys love Melodifestivalen a lot, that’s why they are returning the year immediately after their debut. They tell us more about their love for Mello:

“We love Mello. We didn’t know that Mello was that big last year when we performed. We just loved it and it was hard to say no for the second time. We felt the timing was perfect and we felt like we had the song for Mello as well. Perfect timing and I’m very excited to perform there.”

But what about Norway and Melodi Grand Prix? What could their thoughts be about the national final of their country?

“If we’re going to perform for Norway in Melodi Grand Prix, it has to be a very good timing. Because right now it’s perfect timing for us to be at Mello. We’re here, we’re working here. Everything happens here right now, so it just was a very good suit for us. Our music label is signed here in Sweden. We’re signed with Universal Music Sweden. Our music management is in Sweden and everything. So everything just makes sense.”

They have a lot planned for this year already. They started the year in January, in February they went on a Nordic arena tour that they just finished. Now they are doing Melodifestivalen and then they are already planning a European tour for autumn.

“The tour we did just right now was called “We Are Not The Same Pt1″. And now we’re going to do the Melodifestivalen. And then for the Part Two, it’s going to be around summer or after summer and we’re going to Greece, we’re going to all of the countries in Europe. For Melodifestivalen it doesn’t matter much what happens with the tour. If we come to the final and get a fourth or third place, it doesn’t matter. We’re still going to do the European tour because that’s planned from before. But of course, our focus right now is Melodifestivalen. And we want to do good here.”

Last year they came second to Loreen. If hypothetically they won this year’s version of Melodifestivalen, how would they feel representing Sweden, a country different than their home country?

“Well, it’s a country that we’ve used a lot of time in growing up, working, having a lot of concerts. We have a lot of memories. So it’s like a second home. And we really like it here. And as you said, it’s very difficult to describe the feelings of winning it when we haven’t yet. But I think it’s a super big honour for us to represent Sweden because they’re so good in this competition as well. And they’re always performing well.”

Finally, Marcus & Martinus gave a message for all their fans in Greece but internationally too:

“We just want to say that we’re coming to you very soon. Hopefully you guys are waiting and are excited. And yeah, hopefully see you soon. We love you guys. New music is coming. Σας αγαπάμε!”

You can watch our exclusive interview with Marcus & Martinus at the video down below:

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