United Kingdom: Olly Alexander talks about his preparations for Malmö!

The UK representative for Eurovision has answered questions from the fans on the Official Eurovision Reddit.

Olly Alexander talked about his preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.  Olly will perform his song Dizzy in Malmö next May.

In the AMA session, Alexander revealed his fans that for his Malmö performance, the representative will perform together with four dancers onstage:

… we’ll deffo have four dancers with me on stage…

Moreover, there will be more surprises in the coming weeks. When a fan asked him about the promotion plans, Alexander said there will be lots of remixes and further plans in store for Dizzy.

Olly Alexander has been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest since he was a kid.  Olly Alexander’s favorite entries from this year so far are La Noia by Angelina Mango and Zorra by Nebulossa.  He also said he loved Baby Lasagna, Nemo, Joost and Silvester.  The UK representative mentioned one of his early Eurovision memories in Reddit:

I’ve always loved Eurovision!! I think my first contest was Gina G in 1996 – I was six years old hahha I remember 1999 more though because i LOVED Precious, Say It Again is such a banger.



Source: Reddit

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