Bosnia & Herzegovina: The country is considering returning in Eurovision 2025!

Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s public broadcaster has said it is considering a return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2025.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s public broadcaster, BHRT, is considering a return to the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time after a hiatus of almost a decade. The last time the Balkan country took part was in 2016. In a 2024 schedule, the broadcaster outlined its plans for next year with the announcement of new programs, the discussions around the target audience and it  also made the following statement:

“Also, we think it is high time to consider the possibility of returning Bosnia & Herzegovina’s representatives to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2025.”

This is the first time after almost a decade that BHRT has publicly expressed its desire to return to the Eurovision Song Contest. The country last participated in Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm thanks to private sponsorship support.

The broadcaster had previously confirmed that they were still subject to sanctions by the EBU and would not be taking part in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Resolving financial issues as well as payments to the EBU remains a critical hurdle for participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Source: BHRT

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