Slovakia: RTVS General Director on the prospects for the country’s return!

The Director General of Slovak Public Television Luboš Machaj discussed the country’s chances of returning to the Eurovision contest, in an interview he gave to

Slovakia took part in the contest for the first time in 1994 and has since participated seven times, with its best result being  Marcel Palonder’s 18th place in 1996. From 1998 to 2008 the country was absent from the contest, while in 2009 they returned and participated until 2012, without being able to qualify for the final. Its subsequent departure was not due to poor results, but to the inability of public television to meet the cost of participation. 

Statements by the Director General of RTVS

L. Machaj clarified that the financial requirements of a Eurovision participation do not allow the country to return to the 2024 competition.

We are indeed one of the few countries that do not broadcast Eurovision. The requirements, both in the economic and in the preparation field, are quite high. If all the problems are solved, in 2024 we will declare that in one year we will return to the competition. We have also received relatively good offers for this return. The amount required is not a big problem, but it is not insignificant.

He then referred to the method that RTVS would like to follow for the selection of the representative, if of course the country returns.

We must also decide by what method our entry will be chosen. In 2012 we were represented by Miro Šmajda, whose proposal, from the beginning, provided that the cost of participation would be covered by the sponsors behind him. Eurovision is a pan-European affair and Slovakia should also be represented in it.

At Eurovision 2024 Luxembourg has already confirmed its return, among others, while there are chances that Monaco will also return. Could Slovakia be the next country to return to the contest?

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