Eurovision 2024: Switzerland’s First Rehearsal!

The next country to take the stage for its first rehearsal is this year’s bookers’ favorite, Switzerland, that is represented by Nemo and their song “The Code”! 

 Who is Nemo? 

Born in 1999 and coming from Biel, a small Swiss town, music has always played an essential role in Nemo’s life, considering they have been playing the violin, piano and drums ever since they were a child. Their career sparked in 2016, after they went viral, and until this day, Nemo’s music has gained traction with occupying several high positions on the Swiss charts. 

Nemo’s songs revolve around gender identity, mental health and finding one’s place in this world, themes which are also showcased on their Eurovision entry “The Code”. 


The rehearsal 

Time for Switzerland’s Nemo to rehearse now – they are a musician, singer and songwriter with a big following in Switzerland. The Code is a mix of rap, drum ‘n’ bass and opera, and we’ve seen over pre-party season that Nemo has the vocal range to deliver all three.

The video for this track gave us hope that Nemo might bring something super-creative to the Eurovision stage, and they have NOT disappointed – Nemo is wearing an outfit made of pink and white fur (with matching fur boots!), and their main prop is a white circular platform two or three metres in diameter. It tips and pivots in all directions – Nemo climbs it, slides down it, dances on it, jumps off it – the whole thing is a showcase of balance, precision timing and codebreaking ambition.

Not something we’ve EVER seen at Eurovision before – welcome to the show, Nemo fans.


Switzerland first rehearsal at Eurovision 2024. Credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU



Below you can catch a glimpse of Nemo’s first rehearsal from TikTok: 


When @nemothingsss said “Welcome to the show,” they meant it! Here’s how their first rehearsal looked 🇨🇭 #Eurovision2024

♬ original sound – Eurovision


Switzerland’s second rehearsal is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 2nd of May, when we get a rounder image of how Nemo’s performance will appear on TV. 


Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the latest news regarding the Eurovision Song Contest 2024! 


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