Barcelona Eurovision Party 2023: Watch all the live performances!

Tonight, the first Eurovision pre-party of this season, Barcelona Eurovision Party 2023, takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Tonight’s event is hosted by Sharonne, winner of Drag Race España and Benidorm Fest 2023 contestant and Giuseppe Di Bella, who accompanied Edurne in Eurovision 2015.

13 contestants of this year’s Eurovision will perform their songs live along with many other former Eurovision contestants.

This is the lineup of today’s event and their live performances(refreshing…):

  • Lithuania – Monika Linkytė

  • Ukraine – Tvorchi

  • Slovenia – Joker Out

  • Georgia – Iru Kechanovi

  • Ireland – Wild Youth

  • Latvia – Sudden Lights

  • Moldova – Pasha Parfeni

  • Belgium – Gustaph

  • Portugal – Mimicat

  • Iceland – Dilja

  • Spain – Blanca Paloma

  • United Kingdom – Mae Muller

  • San Marino – Piqued Jacks

Austria’s representatives, Teya and Salena, were supposed to perform tonight, but they had to cancel their performance for health reasons concerning one of them.


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