United Kingdom: Is this the song that will represent the host country in Eurovision 2023?

A rumor that has been circulating in the last few hours on the internet about United Kingdom’s representation in Eurovision 2023 that has set everyone an alarm, since if it is confirmed then we will be talking about a very popular artist in the international music industry that could bring UK’s 6th win in their own home.

Will Birdy represent the United Kingdom in Eurovision 2023?

According to what is been said through the internet among eurofans, it is rumored that Birdy will be the one that will represent United Kingdom in this years Eurovision. We oficially know that BBC has announced that at the beginning of March it will announce a female artist that will raise the flag of the United Kingdom after Sam Rider’s success in Eurovision.

The fact that Birdy will release her new single on 3rd of March and also that the London Eurovision Party and the Crystal Ball ESC account on twitter (which this year revealed many artist who were confirmed afterwards as representing their countries in the contest) have filled with rumors indicating her as the choice from the British Broadcaster.

A while ago Birdy released a teaser on twitter of her new song called “Raincatchers”, down bellow you will find the teaser:

This rumor was enough to propel United Kingdom at the 4th place in the odds, which will intensify when the news will be confirmed by BBC.


Who is Birdy?

The British singer Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde (aka with her stage name as Birdy) was born at 15th May in 1996 is an English singer, songwriter and musician. Previously, she won the Open Mic UK music competition in 2008, at the age of 12 which is when her huge music career began.

Her first ever single was a cover of the song “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver, that single was what made her famous, entering the charts all over Europe and becoming six times platinum in Australia. Her self-titled debut album, Birdy, was released on 7th November of 2011 and it was an instant hit for that time, reaching the number one spot in Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands. Her second album, Fire Within, was released on 23rd September of 2013 in the UK and she was nominated for the Best British Female Solo Artist at the Brit Awards in 2014. Her third album, Beautiful Lies, was released on 25th March of 2016 and her latest album, Young Heart, was released on 30th April of 2021.

Birdy’s name comes from the nickname her parents gave her when she was a baby because she opened her mouth like a little bird when she was been fed.

Her success has gone beyond the borders of Europe, having won many Gold and Platinum records both in America and Australia. At the age of 16, she even sang at the Italian Festival Di Sanremo.

Would you like to see Birdy in the Eurovision Song Contest? Do you like the teaser of Raincatchers?

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