Eurovision Canada: Discussions on the debut of the contest are in progress!

The team behind the American Song Contest traveled to Toronto to start discussions about Eurovision Canada. The production team for the Eurovision Song Contest in Canada will be the same one that was behind the American Song Contest.

Christer Björkman, former producer of Melodifestivalen and producer of American Song Contest, traveled with the group behind the American Song Contest in Canada. Discussions began this week in Toronto on Eurovision Canada.

Speaking last month, Mr Björkman said he would work with the American Song Contest production team after the Eurovision Song Contest. After that, meetings and conversations with Canadian television stations would begin.

Artists from each of Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 regions will compete in a series of qualifiers, Semifinals and a Grand Final. The exact dates of the competition, the hosts and the broadcaster of the competition will be announced in the coming months.

Source: Christer Björkman

Christer Björkman: “Sweden’s victory would make me come back on producing Eurovision”!

Former Eurovision producer Christer Björkman has admitted that a Swedish victory in next month’s competition will tempt him to return to Europe.

Björkman is currently in the US producing the American Song Contest.

Speaking in an exclusive interview a few days after the second qualifying round of the American Song Contest, Björkman said that if Cornelia Jakobs  succeeds and wins this year’s Eurovision, he will be tempted to return as a producer.

You know what?  This shit is a poison. You can never get rid of it. Once you have it in your body it’s there to stay and you always have to fight it. It’s like an addiction. So would I be tempted? Yes, of course I would be tempted. I love to produce Eurovision. I’ve produced the contest five times and the full show twice so bring it on.

Björkman was a producer for the first time at Eurovision in 2013 , when the competition was hosted in Malmö after Loreen’s victory. He returned in 2016 when the competition was hosted in  Stockholm , Sweden.

Thoughts on Melfest without Christer Björkman

In addition to his Eurovision production experience, Björkman was also in charge of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen for two decades , one of the biggest national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest.

He left from his role as a producer in 2021 , where the competition was held without an audience due to the pandemic.

When he was asked about this year’s Melfest , he said:

I liked the mix of songs. I think it was a brilliant selection when we got to the final. It had a great variety. It had three songs in Swedish which was really good. It was not that they felt that they were there only because they were Swedish. They were actually very, very good. I think they did a really good job. They had some troubles along the way, especially with the voting but that’s technical. Shit happens. That would’ve happened even if I was there so there’s no judgement in that. I think it was good. I love the winner. I really do. I think she’s so good.


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Winner of American Song Contest won’t perform at Eurovision 2022!

The winner of the American Song Contest will not appear at Eurovision in Turin , according to the competition’s executive producer Christer Björkman .

Speaking in an exclusive interview a few days after the second show of the American Song Contest, Björkman said that “it would not be possible” for the winner of the contest to appear as a guest at Eurovision next month.

Yeah I would like to see that eventually. This year is gonna be complicated because we moved our show [back] four weeks due to COVID so that complicated it. It’s now in the same week [as Eurovision] so I think that’s not even doable because obviously in Europe we wouldn’t keep a spot open like that. But in the future – if there is a future – yes, that would be great.

The last show of the competition for 2022 will take place on May 9, just one day before the first Semi-final of Eurovision. Because of these events, the appearance of the winner of the American Song Contest is impossible to be a part of Eurovision 2022. 

American Eurovision fans who hope to see the appearance of last year’s winners Måneskin in the American competition this year will also be disappointed.

I would have loved to have Måneskin in our show. But being in the same week that’s also gonna be impossible. They will be totally blocked in Italy obviously. For a future final that would be great both ways I would say.


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USA: More than 7.000 songs were submitted for American Song Contest!

The executive supervisor of the American Song Contest, Christer Björkman, talked in the last episode of The Euro Trip, for the new contest that just started in the U.S.A.

A few hours after the second heat of the American Song Contest, Christer Björkman revealed that more than 7.000 songs were submitted for the first American contest.

He spoke with great satisfaction, saying:

“We had over 7000 submissions. You have to know the difference between Sweden. In Sweden it’s songs only. Some of them are connected to an artist but most of them are not. That’s a job that we do after we choose the song. Here it was a package. An artist had to submit an original song so that’s a totally different story. We had 7000 packages, that’s a lot.” 

In contrast with Sweden and Melodifestivalen, where the composers can submit a demo of a song without the artist and later, the producers of the show will get in touch with an artist they believe will suit the song, in the U.S.A. and ASC, a submitted song, in order to compete, it must for sure have an artist connected with it.

“So the interest was instant I would say. But the NBC also had a very good starting point because the team that reached out was the same team that The Voice had used for the last 20 seasons so they had a roster of 10000 names to reach out to so they were very successful and it is amazing considering that nobody knew what this is. I think it was a fantastic result.”

A while later, the titles of the competing songs in Heat 3 of the American Song Contest were revealed.

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Sweden: Melodifestivalen odds shortly after the announcement of the distribution in the semifinals!

The announcement of the distribution of the artists in the semifinals of Melodifestivalen 2021, as well as the order of their appearance in them, has caused some differences in the bets.

The last place, in the fourth semifinal for Eric Saade, dropped his odds and brought him to the first place, together with Danny Saucedo, who will also appear last, but in the first semifinal. It is common practice for Christer Bjorkman, who decides the order of appearance, to place in the last place of each semifinal, the strongest participations. Tradition wants the last place of the fourth semifinal to always be the big favorite of Melodifestivalen, although last year in this position was Hanna Ferm, who finally took the fourth place in the final.

After Eric Saade and Danny Saucedo, Dotter follows, Tusse and The Mamas close the top five. Charlotte Perrelli is in seventh place.

Danny Saucedo 4.00
Eric Saade 4.00
Dotter 6.50
Tusse 6.50
The Mamas 8.00
Kadiatou 12.00
Charlotte Perrelli 16.00
Paul Rey 18.00
Anton Ewald 21.00
Mustasch 24.00
Frida Green 26.00
Klara Hammarström 36.00
Alvaro Estrella 41.00
Arvingarna 51.00
Efraim Leo 51.00
Elisa Lindström 51.00
Emil Assergård 51.00
Patrik Jean 51.00
Sannex 51.00
Jessica Andersson 61.00
Lovad 61.00
Tess Merkel 61.00
Clara Klingenström 76.00
Lillasyster 86.00
Nathalie Brydolf 86.00
Wahl feat. Sami 100.00
Julia Alfrida 126.00
Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos 251.00

Melodifestivalen 2021 starts on February 6 with the First Semifinal and ends with the Grand Final that will take place on March 13. 2021 is the last year that Christer Bjorkman is at the helm of Melodifestivalen. He would very much like to achieve Sweden’s seventh victory and tie Queen Ireland.

Sweden: Melodifestivalen to be held normally in 2021

Brainstorm on developments…. By tweeting on its official Twitter account, Melodifestivalen announced that it would run smoothly in 2021. This means that the choice of Swedish participation for 2021 will once again be based on this format. Thus, The Mamas will not be able to represent their country at the Rotterdam competition. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that they will participate in Melodifestivalen 2021 claiming their sects!

As Christer Björkman, Head of the Swedish Delegation, said in his statements:

“It is a very unfortunate situation for all artists. I feel really bad for all the artists and especially for the Mamas, who will not be given the opportunity to sing on the Eurovision stage. It is also very unfortunate that a 64-year-old tradition will break”

So the winner of Melodifestivalen 2021 is expected to represent Sweden at next year’s Eurovision contest!

Below you can remember the song “Move” with which The Mamas were to compete in Rotterdam in May!

US: With entries by state the US song contest as Christer Bjorkman reveals

An interesting interview was given by Christer Bjorkman at Mellopodden and talked about the processes being done in the US for the creation of the American song contest.

Last year, Christer Bjorkman literally split his time between Sweden and the US, having taken over Eurovision’s move across the Atlantic on behalf of EBU. Together with his compatriots Anders Lenhoff, Ola Melzig and Peter Settman, all of Melodifestivalen’s production partners, they have taken over the creation ff the American song contest rom scratch.

Christer Bjorkman thinks it’s time to move Eurovision to America, as traditional music contests (Pop Idol, X Factor, The Voice, etc.) are losing their momentum.

From what Christopher Bjorkman has always said in the American song contest, the various US states will compete.

“Interestingly, each state generally has a rather distinct musical identity, along with, of course, its adjacent states as well. This will almost automatically give us a variety of types of music in the competition”

Christer Bjorkman for the American Song Contest

As with regular Eurovision, both established and young artists will participate. After the end of Melodifestivalen 2020, Christer Bjorkman and his team, after fully defining the product, will present it to American television stations to buy it.

The interest already says it’s big, since everyone who works in television in the US knows Eurovision, they just wonder how it can be done in their country.

There is great interest in this. Next summer, we need to know if this will happen and how.

After four years where Christer Bjorkman was a Producer of the Eurovision Song Contest, he will only travel to Rotterdam as Sweden’s only dead of delegation. The focus of his interest is now abroad and as he typically states, it is something that intrigues him.

“It’s so fun to work on something new. It feels a bit like finding another jar of jam in the closet I’ve never seen!”

The American Song Contest is planned to come to our screens sometime in 2021. Unlike the Eurovision Asia Contest, which has swamped for political reasons, at least as Christer Bjorkman claims, he is optimistic that this project will go ahead as it concerns one only country!

Cyprus: “Eurovision 2019 song has already been recorded”

According to today’s tv show(19/11) of ALPHA Cyprus, With Love Christiana, the song that will represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2019 has already been recorded.

It seems that all the rumours about Cyprus and Eurovision 2019 will end very soon. The panel of the show, With Love Christiana, revealed  moments ago that the song that will represent Cyprus in the next Eurovision Song Contest has already been recorded and that they have already listened to it.

Commenting on it, they said it was a very nice song, even better than Fuego.

According to our exclusive information, on Thursday 22nd of November, Alex Papaconstantinou travels back to Cyprus along with the man who helped to change the fate of CyBc  in the contest, Christer Bjorkman, to sort out the latest details.

It was not revealec who will be the artist who will wave the Cypriot flag in Tel Aviv, but the latest rumours seem to look more than certain that this is Tamta.

EurovisionFun already knows the title of the song, but with due respect to CyBc, we will not reveal more details before any official announcements.

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