Denmark: With Reiley and “Breaking My Heart” in Liverpool!

The final of the 2023 edition of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix took place tonight and once again it determined the next Dane representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 which is going to take place in Liverpool, United Kingdom the coming May. The DMGP took place in Næstved Arena in the city of Næstved .

8 songs competed in the first round of tonight’s final. After the completion of the first round the three favourite songs of the public proceeded to the second round of the final, where the result was determined 50% by the televoters and 50% by the jury.

The hosts of the show were Tina Müller and Heino Hansen

The participants

The 8 finalists of the show were as follows:

  1. Frederik Leopold – “Stuck on You”
  2. EYJAA – “I Was Gonna Marry Him”
  3. Micky Skeel – “Glansbillede”
  4. maia maia – “Beautiful Bullshit”
  5. Nicklas Sonne – “Freedom”
  6. Mariyah LeBerg – “Human”
  7. Søren Torpegaard Lund – “Lige her”
  8. Reiley – “Breaking My Heart”

After the performances of the aforementioned artists, lines opened and the public voted for the three songs that they wanted to see in the second round of the final. At this point we remind you that the Danish public had the chance to vote for their favourite entries during the whole week, as the voting process commenced on Monday 6th of February and ended on Friday 10th of February.

The three songs that gained the most public votes and advanced to the second round of the 2023 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix were:

  1. Nicklas Sonne – “Freedom”
  2. Reiley – “Breaking My Heart”
  3. Micky Skeel – “Glansbillede”

After the completion of the second round, the voting process started again so that the public alongside with the jury panel to vote and determine the 2023 representative of the Scandinavian kingdom in the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest.

When the voting procedure completed, with the combination of the votes from the televoting and the juries, the 51st Danish representative is

Reiley – “Breaking My Heart”


Reileyand Denmark are going to participate in the first half of the second semi-final which is scheduled on 11th of May. Do you think that Denmark is going to qualify to the Grand Final after 2 years of elimination ? Let us know in the comments below!

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Denmark: Reiley Will Remain in DMGP 2023

The Danish broadcaster DR has confirmed to Ekstra Bladet that Reiley will not be disqualified from Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.  Previously, Reiley revealed on Instagram that he performed his song live during the Slow Life Slow Live festival in Seoul, South Korea last autumn, which put him at the risk of being disqualified from the national selection:

The artist complies with the EBU’s guidelines for possible participation in Eurovision. As is clear from DR’s own guidelines, cases like this are a matter of assessment. Based on the given circumstances surrounding the individual playing of the track at a concert in South Korea in October, DR does not consider that the artist has gained a competitive advantage in relation to a Danish audience and participation in DMGP.

The national selection will take place on February 11 in the Næstved Arena in Næstved. Tina Müller and Heino Hansen will host the show.

The competing entries are:

  1. maia maia – “Beautiful Bullshit”
  2. Reiley – “Breaking My Heart”
  3. Nicklas Sonne – “Freedom”
  4. Micky Skeel – “Glansbillede” (Picture perfect)
  5. Mariyah LeBerg – “Human”
  6. EYJAA – “I Was Gonna Marry Him”
  7. Søren Torpegaard Lund – “Lige her” (Right here)
  8. Frederik Leopold – “Stuck on You

Currently according to the Danske Spil, EYJAA and Riley have equal chances of advancing to Eurovision, while Nicklas Sonne is relatively close enough to challenge them both.

Source: eurovoix

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Denmark: Listen to the songs of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023!

The public broadcaster of Denmark, DR, revealed the finalists of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023, the national final  of Denmark for Eurovision 2023.

The eight finalists and their songs for DMGP 2023 are:

Søren Torpgaard Lund – “Lige Her”

Nicklas Sonne – “Freedom”

Eyjaa – “I Was Gonna Marry Him”

Frederick Leopold – “Stuck on You”

Maia Maia – “Beautiful Bullshit”

Mariyah Leberg – “Human”

Micky Skeel – “Glansbillede”

Reiley – “Breaking my Heart”

DR will organize and broadcast the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023, on Saturday, February 11 live from Næstved, with eight finalists. This will be the first time that the contest will take place in Næstved Arena

The hosts of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix will be Tina Müller and Heino Hansen. This will be the third time in a row that Tina Müller will host the contest.

But until we learn who is going to represent Denmark in Eurovision 2023, lets remember their song for last year’s contest. The previous winners of Dansk Melodi Gran Prix and Denmark’s representatives in Eurovision 2022 were REDDI with the song “The Show“ but they didn’t manage to qualify for the final for the second year in a row, ending up in 13th place in the first semi-final:

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Denmark: On January 19th the announcement of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2023 entries!

The Danish Public Broadcaster DR will choose its entry for Eurovision 2023 once again through Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

The submission deadline for entries was October 28th. According to sources inside DR, eight songs will be chosen to compete in the show, the winner of which will represent Denmark in Eurovision 2023, which will take place in Liverpool.

According to the Executive Producer of the show Erik Struve Hansen, the line up of this years version of the show is expected to be of high level, something that is also claimed by DR employees working on the Eurovision project.

The show, which for this year will not be consisted of semi-finals, will take place on February 11, 2023 in Næstved.

Denmark was represented in 2022 in Turin, Italy by the group REDDI and the song “The Show” but they did not manage to get the coveted ticket to the Grand Final after they were eliminated in the 13th place of the First Semi-Final with 55 points.

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Denmark: A strong songs line-up for DMGP 2023!

Following the announcement of the hosts (here) of the selection show for Denmark’s Eurovision entry for 2023, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix executive producer Erik Struve Hansen gave a first insight into the nominations.

Through his Facebook account he announced that the sorting of the tracks submitted for DMGP 2023 has already begun, leaving very positive comments on the results so far.

Among the artists who have applied for the Danish national final is Shaya Hansen as she revealed very recently, and you can read more here.

The show consisted only of the Final will take place on February 11, 2023 in Næstved.

This Scandinavian kingdom was represented in 2022 in Turin, Italy by the group REDDI and the song “The Show” but they did not manage to get the coveted ticket to the Grand Final after they were eliminated in the 13th place of the First Semi-Final with 55 points.

Denmark has not reached the Eurovision final for two consecutive years. Do you think the songs that are abut to be presented in this year’s national final will bring them a better result in 2023 at Liverpool? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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