Eurovision 2023: The televote numbers and voting cost in every country!

Want to know how much it will cost you to vote in Eurovision 2023? Want to create voting graphics for your favourite artist?

The ESC Discord account, presents exclusively, the numbers and cost of the televote, in each of the competing countries, and for the rest of the countries that are not participating and will vote as Rest Of The World.

How much will it cost you to vote in Eurovision 2023?

In the table below, ESC Discord presents the numbers and the cost of televoting in each country.

We see that Estonia has the highest billing costs, both by phone and texting, at €1.70, while Denmark has the lowest at only 0.13 cents.

In addition, several countries have increased the cost of televoting compared to last year. These are Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Belgium, Estonia, Italy, Iceland, Iceland, Israel and Ukraine.

Furthermore, Australia and Israel will be able to vote either by SMS or via

Finally, voting for Rest Of The World will be done via, and will cost 0.99 cents.

The numbers and the cost of remote voting from Greece

From Greece, the televoting will be done by phone by calling 901 901 40, adding the respective country code at the end, or by SMS, by typing the country code and sending the Eurovision code at 54222.

You can find out all the details of the new Eurovision 2023 voting system here.

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