Finland 2022: UMK 2022 returns next February, artists to be revealed on January 12

Finnish broadcaster Yle announced the return of UMK to select their Eurovision representative for Turin.

UMK will take place in the city of Turku on February 26, 2022.  During the night, the Finnish audience will decide together with an international jury who will succeed Blind Channel.

For next year’s Finnish national final Yle received 312 entries with more than 1000 songwriters taking part in the process.  According to the public broadcaster, after the huge success of Blind Channel.  However, only seven songs will make it to the final.

The selection process will be very competitive with a variety of acts reveals Ylex head of music Tapio Hakanen.

The artist lineup chosen for this year’s UMK contest is the most extensive ever. The entrants include emerging pop-stars who have been successful on streaming services, promising international export talent, an artist known to all Finns, including an artist who has appeared on a very well known music programme, a long-standing favourite whose career stretches from the 80s to today, and new names who enjoy high praise from the music industry. There was a clear increase in the number of rock band entrants, and we will see explosive rock energy also in the final. Now, viewers can finally experience the excitement of UMK also in a live event.

For the 2022 national selection UMK will return to a live event format.  In 2021, due to health concerns the Finnish national final was a televised only event.

Yle will reveal the name of the contestants on wednesday January 12.  After that each song will be revealed one every day starting from January 13.

Blind Channel represented Finland in Rotterdam for the Eurovision Song Contest.  Their song Dark Side ended in sixth place in the final, Finnish best result since their Eurovision victory in 2006.  After their success Dark Side became one of the most streamed Finnish songs of all time.

Finland: More that 300 submissions for UMK 2021 | Finalists announcement on 19th January

The national broadcaster of Finland, YLE, announced today that the 7 candidates who will compete at Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu final for the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, have been selected.


Big Interest for UMK 2021

More than 300 artist submitted songs in order to claim the representation of Finland in Rotterdam. The submission deadline expired on 7th of September and a few days ago a professional jury of UMK, headed by the music director of YLE, Tapio Hakanen reached the final seven of UMK 2021.

According to insights provided by YLE, the level of the artists and the songs was incredibly strong and the UMK 2021 is expected to be the most difficult of all times. Among the submitted entries are the most talented and successful Finn songwriters and producers, as well as several Finn representatives in Eurovision from previous years.

The 7 finalists of UMK 2021 are expected to be announced on 19th January 2021 while the national final will take place in Tampere on 20th of February. 

The chosen representative for Eurovision 2020 submitted again a song

As we know from earlier this year, the winner of the Finnish Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu for 2020, Aksel Kankaanranta has sent a song to the competition in 2021 without having secured the qualification to the final.

In 2020 he would have competed in Eurovision, with the song Looking Back:

Source: YLE

Finland: Through UMK country’s representative in Eurovision 2021!

UMK 2020,the process by which Finland has chosen to participate in the 65th Eurovision Contest, was completed last night. Aksel Kankaanranta was the big winner with the song “Looking Back”.

Just before yesterday’s final, Finland’s public television has confirmed that it will use the same way for Eurovision 2021  to choose its entry.

This year, with an open procedure, 426 songs were submitted to YLE to represent the country in Rotterdam.

The music producer of Ylex to be involved in the selection of Finnish entry for 2021 said:

“The open choice for artists and songs by the country’s creators has received a positive response from both the music industry and the Finnish public. We received great songs from many Finnish artists. The end result was to have a great Final. It is our great pleasure to continue the cooperation between Ylex and UMK. Searching for songs will begin in September, so get a chance to start writing songs from now in the spring”.

Source: YLE

Finland: With Aksel Kankaanranta and “Looking Back” in Rotterdam

Shortly before UMK 2020 was completed, the process through which Finland chose to participate in the 65th Eurovision Contest. The evening’s hosts were Mikko Silvennoinen and Krista Siegfrids (country representative in 2013).

The final took place at the Mediapolis multiplex in Tampere, Finland.

Unlike the previous two years, not one but six different artists competed in the Finnish national final. The result was judged by 50% by an international commission and by 50% by the Finnish public.

The 8 countries that made up the international committees were:

-United Kingdom

Each country had four members in its committee.

The ticket for Rotterdam tonight were claimed by 6 artists:

  1. Catharina ZühlkeEternity
  2. Erika Vikman – Cicciolina
  3. Aksel Kankaanranta – Looking Back
  4. F3M – Bananas
  5. Sansa – Lover View
  6. Tika – I Let My Heart Break

Following the vote of the international committees, the result was as follows:

Aksel Kankaanranta emerged as the winner with the song “Looking Back” after the end of the poll.


Finland: 426 entries for UMK 2020|Six finalists

Finnish public broadcaster is returning to open selection after two years of direct artist assignments. As we informed earlier, 426 entries have been submitted and the six finalists have already been selected to compete on Saturday 7 March in the UMK 2020 final for the Finnish representation in Rotterdam.

Despite Finland’s exclusion from this year’s Eurovision final, interest in the contest remains high. 426 entries were made on the country’s public television, well in excess of the 300 songs submitted at the last open national final.

The six finalists will be announced at a special event on Tuesday, January 21. The winner of UMK 2020 will be determined by the vote of the television audience and the jury. The UMK 2020 will consist of one night only and no tickets will be sold. For the first time, UMK will not take place in Helsinki, but in Finland’s second largest city, Tampere.

The last time Finland selected its representative with an open selection was in 2017, with Norma John singing “Blackbird”, which,though favorite, were limited to 12th place in the First Semifinal with 92 points.

Finland: The country decides on March 7th through UMK

Finland’s public broadcaster, YLE, yesterday announced that the country’s selection for Eurovision 2020 will take place on March 7, through UMK 2020 of course.

Unlike what has happened in the last two years, Finland is returning to the open option.

From now on, one week, until November 7, interested parties can submit their entries online using the official UMK 2020 website.

Each artist can submit as many entries as he / she wishes, but only one is allowed to participate in the UMK 2020 finals. Foreign artists, as well as performers, are permitted, as long as there is at least one Finnish artist and one Finnish performer in each song’ s conduction (a Finnish national or a permanent resident).

The finalists will be announced on January 21st. On the same day, the committee chosen by them will be unveiled. UMO 2020 will consist of one night only and no tickets will be sold. For the first time, UMK will not take place in Helsinki, but in Finland’s second largest city, Tampere.”

The last time Finland selected its representative with an open selection was in 2017, with Norma John singing “Blackbird”, while,although we were considered as big favorites, were limited to 12th place in the First Semifinal with 92 points.

Source: ESCXtra