Cyprus: Watch Ivi Adamou perform “La-La-Love” live at PrePartyES 2023!

After 11 whole years, Ivi Adamou appears at a Eurovision event! In particular, she sang live in Madrid last night at PrePartyES 2023, one of the promo parties for the Eurovision Song Contest, which take place in various countries on a casual basis.

Ivi Adamou performed “La-La-Love” live, the song that she represented Cyprus with, at Eurovision Song Contest in Baku back in 2012, an entry that all Eurovision die-hard fans have loved throughout the years.

Check out Ivi’s crowd-effect during her “La-La-Love“ly performance below:

PrePartyES goes on tonight, Saturday is the second night of the party, where we will enjoy lots of artists that participate in Eurovision 2023.

Would you like Ivi Adamou to represent once more Cyprus (or Greece) at Eurovision Song Contest? Let us know on the comment section below.

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Cyprus: Proposal to Ivi Adamou for Eurovision 2022?

Through the noon show of Alpha Cyprus, “With love Christiana”, further revelations were made regarding the participation of the island of Aphrodite in Eurovision 2022.

Specifically, the journalist, Haris Papatheocharous, referred to the rumors but also to what you read first to us, about the involvement in this year’s Cypriot participation of the Greek-born creator and producer based in Sweden, Alex P.

However, what was emphasized is that RIK has not yet reached either the song or the artist who will be in Turin.

Finally, he referred to the scenario of Ivi Adamou, a name that we talk about every year, saying that a proposal has been made to the young singer to represent Cyprus again, after ten years.

See the full report in the video below:


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Ivi Adamou expresses interest in returning to Eurovision!

In a recent interview with, Ivi Adamou, the Cypriot Eurovision 2012 representative, has expressed her interest to once again take part in the contest!

When asked about whether she would be interested in representing either Greece or Cyprus again in the future, her response was the following:

I would, yes, it was a wonderful experience. They have proposed it to me multiple times. I believe I’ll feel it when the moment is right. I want a really good song and a really strong team. Let’s see, I hope so!

As she stated herself, she had already received multiple proposals from cypriot broadcaster RIK in the past couple of years, however she had to refuse in order to take care of her newborn, then, daughter. This year, however, among general pressure from the public for an actual cypriot artist to represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2022, the cypriot singer decided to finally show her interest.

Ivi is currently on a summer tour with her partner Michalis Kouinelis, member of the hip hop group Stavento. You can listen to their latest single below:

Cyprus: Candidate Songs Titles| The proposal to Ivi and Ian’s nomination

Following the announcement of essentially Cypriot representative at Eurovision 2020, Sandro Nicolas, via the exclusive EurovisionFun reportage last night, more information came to light shortly before through  the Omega TV show “Come To See”, which hosted extensive report, reffering,of course, to our website.

Three songs for Sandro Nicolas

According to what Alexander Taramountas revealed on the first inviting rates  Cypriot television show “Come To See”, RIK has ended up with three of the more than 100 songs it received for Eurovision 2020. In the following days, it will choose what Sandro Nicolas will perform on stage at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam in May. The show reported that the CyBC Board has already approved the representation of Sandro Nicolas at Eurovision 2020.

The titles of the three songs are as follows:

Mucho Calor (dance track)
-Can’t Look Away (mid tempo)
-Never Let You Down (pop modern track)

All the songs based on what was said in the show are high standarts and can properly represent Cyprus in the contest. The two have been written by foreign artists, with one signed by a Greek composer. What is even more interesting is that Alexander Taramountas revealed that his favorite is Mucho Calor!

How was the proposal made to RIK?

The reportage of the show said that the proposal of RIK to Sandro Nicolas came from Elias Kokottos’s  Dream Team,the well-known project manager!

The broadcast panel was very positive about Sandro Nicolas’ selection, saying it was a very clever move by RIK for the next contest. Panik and Minos EMI are already in the process of taking over Sandro, and what has even been said is that, despite the fact that Michalis Marathyoutis has resigned, he will be the one to handle the Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2020.

Ivi’s “no” and Ian’s nomination

The sensation was triggered by the revelation that RIK had been thinking of Ivy Adamou representing Cyprus for the second time at Eurovision (she has already participated with “La La love” in 2012), but she politely declined for family and personal reasons. She gave a birth recently and did not have the time needed for such a project.

Our report was also confirmed when we wrote a few months ago that two men and one woman were targeted by RIK on Eurovision 2020. Except for Ivy and of course Sandro Nicolas, Ian Stratis was the third name. But RIK, based on the songs it had in mind, came to Sandro believing that he would better support whichever of the third songs eventually be chosen.