Breaking News: Alessandra withdrew from being the Norwegian spokesperson!

Alessandra Mele was scheduled to hand out points on behalf of Norway during tonight’s final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Now, however, Dagbladet has confirmed that she is withdrawing from that task.

Channel host Ingvild Helljesen takes over the task.

Source: Dagbladet

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Eurovision 2024: See in which half each of the 10 qualifiers of the Second Semi-Final will perform!

The Press Conference of the Second Semi-Final is now live in the Press Center, with the 10 qualifiers interviewing and selecting from the pot in which half they perform.

This year there is an extra choice for them. Producer’s choice is added for the qualifiers.

The detailed results are:

  • Greece (First Half)
  • Switzerland (Producer’s Choice)
  • Austria (Second Half)
  • Armenia (Producer’s Choice)
  • Latvia (Producer’s Choice)
  • Georgia (Producer’s Choice)
  • Estonia (Producer’s Choice)
  • Israel (Producer’s Choice)
  • Norway (Second Half)
  • The Netherlands (Producer’s Choice)

Source: Eurovision Reddit

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Norway: Italy wins the fourth show of Adresse Malmø!

NRK, the public broadcaster of Norway, broadcasts Adresse Malmø, a special show dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest. Each week approximately eight songs will be reviewed with the judges rating the songs from one to twelve points. Read more

Norway: Ukraine wins the third show of Adresse Malmø!

NRK, the public broadcaster of Norway, broadcasts Adresse Malmø, a special show dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest. Each week approximately eight songs will be reviewed with the judges rating the songs from one to twelve points.

The professional jury for the Adresse Malmø show includes Thomas Numme and Tara Lina Shahin.

The fan jury consists of Adrian Vad Flaaten from Tønsberg, Victoria Haugan Saur from Sunndal and Alex Snyder (41) from Vikersund and the USA, who shared their score.

The winners of the second episode of the Norwegian preview show for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, were alyona alyona & Jerry Heil from Ukraine.

The results were as follows:

  1. Ukraine – alyona alyona & Jerry Heil – “Teresa & Maria” – 12+10+12+12+12+7+10+12 – 87 points
  2. France – Slimane – “Mon Amour” – 12+7+10+8+10+12+10+6 – 76 points
  3. Armenia – Ladaniva – “Jako” – 10+10+10+10+12+7+3+10 – 70 points
  4. Denmark – Saba – “Sand” – 8+8+7+5+12+3+8+12 – 63 points
  5. Portugal – Iolanda – “Grito” – 6+4+5+3+7+10+4+10 – 49 points
  6. Ireland – Bambie Thug – “Doomsday Blue” – 4+8+2+8+10+1+2+4 – 39 points
  7. Malta– Sarah Bonnici – “Loop” – 4+5+4+3+5+5+5+4 – 35 points

The next episode of Adresse Malmø will be broadcast next Friday 3/5.

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Source :  NRK

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Watch the performances of Sweden, Norway and Finland in “A Little Bit More”!

Just like last year, some time before the first rehearsals of the countries, the show called “A Little Bit More” aired on the official Eurovision YouTube channel. Read more

Norway: NRK announced the broadcast of Adresse Malmø!

The public broadcaster of Norway, announced that they will broadcast the show Adresse Malmø, a pre-show for Eurovision Song Contest, for yet another year!

Adresse, is a TV show of the Norwegian public broadcaster, where the songs taking part in this year’s contest will be presented and evaluated, and it will be broadcasted this spring. Adresse is a TV show broadcasted from 1973, while from 2004, a panel is present to evaluate the songs.

A jury consisted of Eurovision fans and familiar faces, will evaluate all songs taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Each week, about eight songs are presented, and are evaluated from 1 to 12. Applications to be part of the public jury are open, and you can check the details here.

Below you can see the previous winners of Adresse:

  • 2023: France – La Zarra – “Evidement” (16th Place)
  • 2022: France – Alvan & Ahez – “Fulenn” (24th Place)
  • 2021: Italy – Måneskin – “Zitti e buoni” (1st Place)
  • 2019: Cyprus – Tamta – “Replay” (13th Place)
  • 2018: Austria – Cesar Sampson – “Nobody But You” (3rd Place)

This year, Norway will be represented by Gåte and the song “Ulveham”, while they are taking part in the second half, of the second semi-final:

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Norway: End of MGP for KEiiNO?

Norway’s national final for Eurovision 2024, MGP, concluded on Saturday night, with Gåte and the song, “Ulveham” as winners. Among the candidates was the group KEiiNO, who participated for the third time in the MGP, already having a victory and representing the country at Eurovision 2019.

Shortly after the end of MGP, the group spoke to Dagblabet, revealing that this was their last entry in the Melodi Grand Prix.

“We proved that we can give Europe what it wants and we finally won the judges’ votes! Unfortunately we didn’t make it this time. It was our best performance and we will be touring soon. MGP We’ll draw a line here.”

Who are KEiiNO? 

KEiiNO is a Norwegian group consisting of Sami rapper Fred Buljo and singers Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo. The group was formed in late 2018 in preparation for their participation in the Melodi Grand Prix 2019, which they won and thus were selected to represent Norway with the song “Spirit in the Sky” at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing in sixth place, even though they were first in the televoting results.

On January 11, 2021, it was announced that KEiiNO will participate in the Melodi Grand Prix 2021 final with the default song ”  Monument“. The song was released at midnight on 15 January 2021 with the group’s first performance of the song during the first show of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 on 16 January 2021. The song made it to the top four in the final on 20 February 2021, eventually going gold duel, where they lost to Tix’s “Fallen Angel”.

This year, with the song “Damdiggida“, they won the second place in MGP 2024, even scoring in the first place in the score of the critics.

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Norway: 843 thousand watched the Melodi Grand Prix 2024 final!

Last Saturday saw the Norwegian national final, Melodi Grand Prix 2024, where 843 thousand viewers watched it.
The Norwegian broadcaster reports that the final had 144,000 fewer viewers than last year.
Last year, almost a million viewers, more precisely 987 thousand viewers, saw Alessandra Mele win the final of MGP 2023. In relation to 2022 where she had 250 thousand less, when Subwoolfer won. In 2021, when Tix won, the MGP final drew 1.1 million viewers. In 2020, 972,000 watched Ulrikke Brandstorp.
So this year the state channel reached 843,000 viewers.

Norway: Palestinian activists protested outside NRK against Israel!

Palestinian activists on Saturday used powerful measures in the fight against Israel‘s participation in Eurovision. 30 men sat bare-chested, blindfolded and hands stripped outside NRK. Activist and initiator Rami Samandar says to VG:

“We are here to highlight Israel’s violations of international law. What we see in Gaza is absolutely horrific.”

The protesters staged an incident on Saturday that occurred in Beit Lahiya in the Gaza Strip on December 7. Then over a hundred Palestinian men and boys were captured by Israeli soldiers. They were ordered to undress and kneel in the street and were accused of belonging to Hamas or being terrorists. Samandar continues:

“But it’s too cold for all 30 people to sit outside NRK at the same time, so we have divided them into groups of ten who each take a dare in front of NRK.”

It was around zero degrees outside NRK Saturday morning and Samandar says that there was great interest in taking part in this action.

“We received so many inquiries that in the end we had to say no.”

In groups of ten, a total of 30 men walked up and down between the parking lot below NRK and the main entrance.

There have been calls to ban Israel from Eurovision 2024, like 1000 Swedish musicians that signed today a petition to the EBU against Israel outside NRK right during the first two weeks of MGP. In Iceland, more than 500 artists signed a petition asking RÚV to withdraw from the contest, while Silvia Night signed an open letter to the EBU asking to ban Israel. In Finland1300 artists signed a petition asking for Israel to be removed. The British representative Olly Alexander has also shared in public his opinion against Israel. Also just recently Montaigne signed an open letter to the EBU asking the ban of Israel from the contest and Ben Dolic joined her by doing the same.

Source: VG
Photo: VG

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Norway: Artists ask for Israel’s exclusion from Eurovision 2024!

Almost 300 Norwegian artists have signed a petition against Israel’s participation in Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö. “We want NRK to take more responsibility”, says Marthe Valle, one of the singers included in the petition.

Ane Brun, Aurora and the group Karpe are some of those  who have signed. In total there are 293 artists that have signed the petition. Some familiar names that have competed in MGP can be found in the list, like Ulrikke Brandstorp, Maria Haukaas Mittet, Jørn Hoel and Åge Aleksandersen as well.

Aleksandersen took part in MGP 1980, in what is considered the best MGP final in history. He says that it was a matter of course for him to sign this petition:

“It means so much to me. I have made songs that address this issue. And I think what is happening is so ugly, and it hurts me and many others. Therefore, it was right for me to contribute with my voice.”

The petition states that Israel’s violation of intenational law, is now normalized because there are no concequences:

“For now, the EBU says that it will not ban Israel from this year’s final, as it did with Russia after the invasion of Ukraine in 2022. This is selective morality and politics from a union that claims to be apolitical.”

Singers Marthe Valle and Μarte Wulff are the initiators of this petition, and they say they want NRK to take responsibility and put some pressure to the EBU:

“We wish we didn’t have to do this. We wish NRK took responsibility. But then the point of this appeal is to show that there are many voices who now say that Israel cannot be a participant in Eurovision. All the time we are selective about when we should promote morality and politics, and when we choose to overlook it. We cannot pretend that this should be an arena for dialogue and solidarity, when Israel kills several hundred children a day.”

In this list you can see the names of all the artists that have signed the petition.
NRK MGP Demonstration against Israel

NRK MGP Demonstration against Israel

Despite this whole situation in Norway, NRK, the country’s public broadcaster, has announced that they are not going to boycott Israel’s participation in Eurovision this year.

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