Silia Kapsis: “I Don’t Know What Happened Between ERT and CyBC (RIK), I’m Here for the Music”

Upon her return from Amsterdam, television channels awaited Silia Kapsis at the airport to gauge her reaction to the recent revelations surrounding Konstantinos Zoulas’s statements to the Cypriot ambassador, as reported by the media.

Silia Kapsis admitted she was not well-versed on the matter, revealing that both her mother and the people at RIK had shielded her from reading articles regarding the issue.

“I don’t know what happened between ERT and RIK. I’m here to sing and dance. I’m here for the music,” she stated.

Pressed by journalists, Silia Kapsis acknowledged that if such allegations were true, it saddened her as she wished for Greece and Cyprus to remain united.

“I’m half Greek and half Cypriot. I’m from Thessaloniki and Larnaca. All of this saddens me. Greece and Cyprus should be united. I will sing for both countries,” she declared.

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Listen to Cyprus’s Piano Version on A Little Bit More!

Just like last year, just before the first rehearsals at the venues, “A Little Bit More” returns with exclusive performances, remixes, and covers of songs by the participants of Malmo 2024.

Periodically, the Eurovision TV channel on YouTube publishes the artists’ appearances. Watch the piano version of Cyprus with Silia Kapsis and Liar in the video below:

Below, you can watch the reaction of the Eurovisionfun editors, reacting and commenting on Cyprus’s participation in Eurovision 2024, our interviews, and Silia Kapsis’s performance at the Eurovision Party SKG:

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Cyprus: Silia Kapsis rehearses with the LEDS | Meeting with Marinella!

Yesterday, the representative of CyprusSilia Kapsis alongside her dancers, aand the artistic team of Marvin Dietman and Dan Shipton, were at NOX Athens, where at this time Antonis Remos and Marinella are rehearsing for their joint appearances at the nightclub. Read more

Cyprus: Watch Silia Kapsis and her wonderful team dancing “Liar” !

A little earlier Silia Kapsis uploaded on her TikTok profile a video together with her four dancers dancing the chorus of Liar. Read more

Cyprus: Silia Kapsis’ dancers for Malmö unveiled!

With a month until the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, preparations for the Cypriot delegation to Malmö are well underway.

So, today, the four dancers who will be joining Silia Kapsis on stage arrived in Greece, and RIK introduces them to us.

Silia’s dancers live and work in Denmark and are as follows:

  • Theo B. Koefoed
  • Thomas Hegnet
  • Sebastian Laurentius Nielsen
  • Martin Daugaard

Guy Groove and Kelly Sweeney are the creators of the choreography that will see on the Eurovision stage in May, while the Cypriot choreographer Haris Savva is in charge of the rehearsals in Greece. Following her appearance at the Eurovision party hosted by Eurovisionfun in Thessaloniki on Friday, 29/3, Silia Kapsis will give one more performance of “Liar” before heading to Malmö. Along with 29 other artists from Eurovision 2024, Silia Kapsis will take part in the largest Eurovision pre-party of the season on April 13 at Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam.

Silia Kapsis will represent Cyprus in Malmö with “Liar“, while she will open the first semi-final on May 7th.

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Cyprus: Eurovisionfun Reacts to Eurovision 2024 Entry “Liar”!

A few hours ago the premiere took place through the official Eurovision YouTube channel for this year’s participation of Cyprus in Eurovision 2024 by Silia Kapsis and “Liar“.

The Eurovisionfun team once again watched and reacted to the official video clip of the country’s entry for the upcoming Eurovision contest! Enjoy Apostolis, Apostolos, Paschalis and Stella in a Reaction video with detailed commentary on Cypriot participation in Eurovision 2024!

Do you like Cyprus entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? Tell us in the comments below!

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Cyprus: “Liar” by Silia Kapsis Released for Eurovision 2024!

Through the website of RIK:, the entry of Cyprus for Eurovision 2024 was premiered a while ago, titled “Liar“, featuring the versatile Silia Kapsis as the vocalist.

Immediately after, specifically at 18:00 CET, the video clip will be uploaded to the Eurovision channel on YouTube and then to all electronic music platforms.

You can listen to Liar by Silia Kapsis at the following link:

Contributors of the Entry

The Cypriot entry for Eurovision 2024 is signed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Elke Tiel. The video clip of this year’s Cypriot entry was shot after several years in Cyprus, specifically at the marina of Limassol and at the City of Dreams hotel. The director of the video clip is Kostas Karydas, while responsible for the stage presentation of Silia Kapsis in Liverpool will be Marvin Dietmann, Ross Nicholson, and Dan Shipton.

You can find Liar lyrics in our related article.

Cyprus in the Eurovision Contest

This is Cyprus’s 40th participation in the contest, making it the country with the most participations without a win. The debut was in 1981 with Monika, achieving an impressive sixth place. Until the end of the 90s, Cyprus often managed to be in the top ten of the final rankings. However, from 2004, when the system of semifinals began until 2014, Cyprus managed to pass the semifinal hurdle only in three instances!

This drastically changed from 2015 onwards, with little Cyprus counting only qualifications. The highlight, of course, of all this good progress was the second place in 2018 with Eleni Foureira and Fuego.

Last year, Cyprus was represented by Andrew Lambrou with the song Break A Broken Heart, finishing in 12th place with 126 points.

Silia Kapsis and Liar continue their upward trend in the betting odds, as after the release of the teaser, her odds for victory have literally halved. The Cypriot delegation keeps a low profile and prepares in detail for Silia’s performance on the contest stage, believing that they will manage to surpass the previous performance of Andrew Lambrou and the twelfth place of Break A Broken Heart.

Good luck Cyprus! Good luck Silia!

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Cyprus: The message behind Silia’s “Liar”!

Only one day left before the official video clip of the Cypriot entry in Eurovision 2024 will be released. The official music video of ‘Liar’ has been filmed entirely in Cyprus, namely at the City of Dreams Mediterranean resort and the Limassol Marina. It has been ages since a Cypriot Eurovision music video has been filmed on the island, as most of the music videos have been filmed in Greece. The music video has been directed by none other than Kostas Karydas. CYBC has sent a press release about the message behind Silia’s song for Eurovision.

This is exactly the interpretation depicted in the music video of the entry directed by Kostas Karydas that is to be released on all platforms on February 29th 2024. In the said video, which was filmed after many years in Cyprus and more specifically at the City Of Dreams Mediterranean – the new landmark casino resort of the island and at the Limassol Marina, we see through the eyes of the representative of Cyprus Silia Kapsis a series of oppressive situations that a fake world and the negative side of social media often impose.

In the second part of the music video, we see Silia Kapsis reacting to these situations, rocking the boat and daring to live her truth while at the same time inspiring others to follow her in a celebration of liberating oneself from such lies. In the music video one can also see an extremely small part of the dynamic choreography by the distinguished L.A. choreographers Guy Groove and Kelly Sweeney with which “Liar” will be presented on stage in Malmo.

As you read exclusively in Eurovisionfun the video clip will be released tomorrow at 17:00 CET on CyBC’s official website and at 18:00 CET on the Official Eurovision Song Contest Youtube channel.

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Cyprus: Where and at what time is “Liar” going to be released on 29/02! | EXCLUSIVE!

The video clip of Liar, as it has become known through the teaser released a few days ago, is going to be released on Thursday, February 29. But what we didn’t know until now, and it was something you asked us many times, was at what time, but also when we will be able to watch the video clip. Eurovisionfun is able to answer all these questions, as once again we have all the exclusive information.

For the first time this year, CyBC decided not to make its maiden broadcast of the video clip of its participation in the Eurovision contest through the news bulletin or from one of its entertainment shows. The song for 1 hour will be available exclusively through the CyBC website: Specifically from 17.00 to 18.00 cet you will be able to watch the video clip only through the CyBC website. Immediately at 18.00 cet the video clip will be uploaded on the Eurovision channel on YouTube and then on all digital music platforms.

We remind you that the video clip of this year’s Cypriot participation was filmed after several years in Cyprus, specifically at the Limassol marina and at the City of Dreams hotel. The director of the video clip is Kostas Karydas.

Silia Kapsis and Liar continue their upward trajectory in the betting odds, after the release of the teaser which has literally halved its winning odds. The Cypriot team is keeping a low profile and preparing every detail for Silia’s appearance on the competition stage, believing that they will be able to surpass last year’s performance of Andrew Lambrou and the twelfth place of Break A Broken Heart.

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Eurovision 2024: Dan Shipton to Direct Germany, Austria, and Cyprus!

Dan Shipton will be directing three countries in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Specifically, Black Scull Creative, owned by Dan, his husband Ross Nicholson, and their collaborators Jay Revell and Paul Gardner, will be responsible for the television production of the entries from Austria, Germany, and Cyprus.

Speaking to The Euro Trip, Dan Shipton revealed:

We have Austria, Germany, and Cyprus.

We are very excited about these countries and we are very close to them.

We turned down several collaborations this year to dedicate more time to family, but we couldn’t miss out on Eurovision because it’s our passion.

Shipton has been the creative director of many entries in the past decade and was the main creative director of Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool. Also, in 2022, he worked with four countries, while in 2021, he collaborated with seven. Shipton and Nicholson had to reduce their collaborations for this year’s Eurovision as they are expecting their first child. Marvin Dietmann will also be collaborating with them on the three entries in Malmo this year.

Kaleen, this year’s representative of Austria at Eurovision, is married to Dietmann and is a close friend of Shipton.

Kaleen and I have been friends for years.

The song is a banger and has very nice elements. It’s wonderful, her vocals are amazing, the choreography is fantastic, and the song is perfect.

It has something different from what you would expect from a typical Eurovision song. What we have prepared will excite.

17-year-old Silia Kapsis, who will represent Cyprus with “Liar,” has already started working with Shipton and his team to prepare her performance for Malmo.

The song is fantastic. When her team sent it to me, I listened to it, listened to it again, listened to it for a third time, and I really liked it.

As an artist, she is amazing. Vocally, she is great. The choreography is wonderful. She definitely has the potential to stand out.

The Eurovision stage has been designed by German designer Florian Wieder, who has designed seven stages at Eurovision since 2011, including last year’s in Liverpool.

Whatever Florian designs is amazing.

It’s wonderful to have the audience around you. The cross-shaped stage will compel people to rally around it.

It’s up to us, as creative directors, to find a way to capture something different and guess what the result will look like to do something that will stand out. The stage has many possibilities.

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Source: The Euro Trip Podcast