Cyprus: Two men and one woman candidates for Eurovision 2020 | Exclusive

We are already in October, we know the first artist participating in Eurovision 2020, and the Cypriot Broadcaster (CYBC), which is used to us in early announcements, is working feverishly for Cyprus’s next entry in the contest. Two men and one woman, unlike what has been writen in media of CYBC’s exclusive interest in male artists, are under the microscope of Cypriot public broadcaster in order to take on the heavy burden of representing the country in Rotterdam.

Who will represent Cyprus in Rotterdam?

The artists’ interest in representing Cyprus in the next Eurovision song contest is immense and not unjust. CYBC counts five consecutive qualifiers in the final, a record few countries have, a second place, and entries that feature artistic and directing excellence. So who wouldn’t want to be the successor to Eleni Fouriera or Tamta?

CYBC is in the final stages of selection and very soon, perhaps within the month,  will want to finalize the artist with whom will compete on the stage of Ahoy Rotterdam, reaching the final for the sixth consecutive year.

At the moment the focus of interest on CYBV is three artists. They are two men and one woman, both young, talented and promising. Who will ultimately be chosen will depend to the song. CYBC wants to choose the song first and then the artist. So, the one who will ultimately be chosen will be the one who can best support the song of choice.

Great interest from the composers

The professional work of the Cypriot delegation in recent years in the competition has increased the interest of major composers who, without CYBC announcing any song submission process, have entrusted their songs to the Cypriot public broadcaster, seeking to claim the Cypriot representation in Rotterdam.

The level of songs submitted to CYBC is quite high and so there are two to three very worthwhile compositions to consider. Of course all possibilities are open. What is striking, however, is the great interest that has come from many composers, many of them well-known in the field, who have previous experience in the contest.

Early rumous are not accurate

The rumours that has existed in the media in recent days is premature, but not accurate at all. According to the above the landscape is still quite fluid and the data change from day to day, making any serious forecast impossible.

What we can tell you for sure is that any of the three artists who CYBC will finally choose will be a great representation in 2020’s song contest, with a glittering artist who will be catching the lights and eyes of Europe for another year. After all, this is what is at stake.

EurovisionFun will let you know what is newer about Cypriot representation at Eurovision 2020!

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